(WIP) Blood/line (On Hiatus)

I remember the time someone broke into my home reading this story is actually kind of funny a guy was stealing our stuff and I was asleep when I get up early check what’s going on when we first saw each other the first thing he tried to do he tried to talk me down because I the try to beat him up with a wooden baseball when he saw the bat he started running from the back door did he fall on his face scraped his face and screaming bloody murder just reading this story and picking the violent option symbolizes one thing don’t break into people’s home because you might find someone who was willing to beat the living crap out of you and might call cops in the process and why I couldn’t call the cops in the process is my phone was charging the living room and I was pretty pissed I was seventeen at the time and and this was on my vacation I can finally relax from high school and my parents weren’t home and my siblings are here so you can get the picture of violent angry protective Big Brother protecting anything that comes into this house that might be a threat with no adults so this just bring deja vu in my eyes and I pick the same options when I picked in the game and don’t worry he was not hurt only his face was scraped he ran away but he got arrested charged for breaking and entering


Ok I get it, running is a bad idea. I still don’t want to be integrated in to some random society. I guess the next best thing is to hide but I fear that’s a bad idea as well. My MC is going to be really emotionally unstable.


That is the rational choice and the smart option

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I can feel the MC’s frustration! xD

I just wanna get back to my dad!!! PLEASE!

This is really interesting! well done, OP! :smiley:


No one is saying it’s a bad idea we’re just saying to bide your time and pick your moments. We are all ready to run and try to get back to daddy dearest but we can’t do that if they lock us up in even tighter chains you know.


Now wonder how our father will play the big guy is in my mind is actually a cool character in now are we adopted or are we half blooded human mixed with another monster I can’t wait to find out more about the story


On the other side of the coin is the curiosity of what this hidden society is about. :thinking: I like the theory of mixed blood, and our dad definitely being our dad, but the letter from our grandfather clearly had something important to say about the heirloom, and potentially our heritage from our mother’s side.

With the exception of Mr Rookie scaring MC on the first encounter (or not, I know some of ya like to play as tougher cookies than that, too!), and him needing backup that–realistically–should have been right there to deescalate the situation if the rookie wasn’t careful in handling the MC with delicacy everyone does seem to be trying to get along without spooking/irritating the MC further.

Truth be told, as much as I expect that agent, or cop, or whatever he is to be scared of the thought of visiting the MC again, on nicer play routes I wouldn’t be surprised if some MC’s wanted to apologize for possibly rendering him infertile. :sweat_smile:

So, yeah. A lot of us want our main MC’s to run, but maybe there are those who want to run, but eventually soften up enough to give them more of a chance, kidnapping fiasco aside. There’s a lot of miscommunication, but it’s made for some interesting drama so far. I don’t want you authors to feel like you need to change anything until we’ve learned enough about your story as it is currently to be sure whether something needs a change in trajectory. So far, I’d say no. It’s really good! :smile:


Whoa! What a story!!!

But yeah, sometimes people will just throw hands if there’s a break in!!


Guess you find out more in the story with how exactly you got more monstrous, but Phil is your biological father! But that’s all I can say!!



I decided to take a day off, and came back this morning to see a LOT of love! Racooby and I are WOWED on the feedback! We hope chapter 2 will meet or surpass your expectations when it comes out!

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that made me a happy because the father is my favorite character so far (i still would love him even if he wasn’t the mc’s biological dad) He is so wholesome :pleading_face::heart: i hope to get back to him soon



Able to finally show you guys how the logo/title of Blood/line looks!

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Loved everything up to the gargoyle lady. I fought the intruder in the house and boy did it feel good to teach him to mess with me. Think your going to just waltz into my house and take me away from my father? Think again, umbrella to the FACE!!! Yeah, take that son!

As a suggestion though, can I attempt to drive good old Mrs. Anderson’s stone face into the metal table when she puts her hand on my shoulder to try and comfort me? I mean, every single time this lady let’s her guard down around me I’m making a break for it. Plus, If this lady’s dumb enough to walk off ahead of me when we’re outside between buildings that’s her problem. I’m a gonna make a run for it. My first priority is escape, my second priority is contacting my dad, and my final priority is getting back home. I neither know nor trust these people, and how I got here is all the evidence I need to know I want to leave.

Or maybe just add a detail about me being handcuffed to the table when I stand from my chair, so that I can’t try to bludgeon her with the metal chair, in order to escape? Lol. After all, I did quite violently resist capture.


I think it’d be a little difficult hurting Mrs. Anderson, since she’s made of stone and is large.
But we’ll definitely take into consideration of trying to fight Mrs. Anderson!

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Heya fellas! Me again!!
On the tumblr, somebody mentioned about the ethnicity part of the customization, specifically on “mixed”. Racooby and I have been chatting about that, and even received a suggestion on the customization. We have come up with an idea:
Replace the ethnicity with just skin color, or add both in ethnicity and skin color (Ex: Asian with light brown skin). For the second option, we will still keep mixed, and perhaps if I take an extra look at the coding, I can add in what the mc’s ethnicities are if mixed is selected.

What do you guys think?

Which option?
  • Skin Color
  • Skin Color and Ethnicity

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Some notes:

  • If second is chosen, that’ll mean adding something to the startup, which means the saves in the demo will be erased.

  • Poll ends 11/12, 12 pm standard mountain time.

  • The change will probably be updated when some of Chapter 2 has been added, perhaps halfway. So it’ll be a while.


Lots of split with a slight lead on just the “skin color” option. The reasoning might that umbrella ethnicities like “Asian” or “African” or even “Latinx” cover a very broad spectrum of peoples that might not feel those terms adequately describe who they are as a person. I agree with that sentiment, so voting just “skin color” would allow that level of headcanon freedom on the reader’s part. :slightly_smiling_face:


Really interesting world building! Want to know what happens next!

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Like to say something kidnapping someone like that doesn’t bring trust and the other part is they have family or friends they care about just tared them away they’re going to figure out a way to escape and it brings resentment mistrust on the message you’re trying to sell and hey might bring that message to other Supernaturals creatures that you’re forcing them into their community so pretty much you’re making another faction that might hate your guts


black hooves(of which you think are goat hooves). put a space before (

didn’t get too much friends in all your school years. Many?

Sure, what she did was no excuse, leaving him out of nowhere. has

you weren’t dreaming… right?! Right?!?! space after the first right?!

“I’m not part of the “us”. I’m human .” The us should be in single ’

There was some book shelves and cabinets, a large room filled with cubicles. were?

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I really liked this! Cant wait to read the next chapter :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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