(WIP) Blood/line (On Hiatus)

Life is normal, with you and your dad. Your apartment is small, but comfortable. The both of you work to make sure the rent is paid and you’re fed, and dad is saving up as much as he can for you to go to college. Life is pretty good.

That is, until out of nowhere, a package comes in for you from a relative the neither of you knew about. After that, life turns weird. Like, really weird. Sure, this morning you had a really weird dream and you have yet another really weird dream…

But you didn’t expect to suddenly see horns on your head.


Blood/line is a supernatural/monstrous, mystery story with just a pinch of horror, where you suddenly find yourself thrown into a life of monsters and things that simply cannot be explained. You can decide to be aggressive and openly show you’re not happy with being thrusted into this life, or you can stay on the quiet side and quietly figure out what’s going on with your changes.

The story is being worked on by two people, Raven Moralez/Birdy Kane and Racooby.

What you will expect:

  • Five ROs: One male, two female, one nonbinary, and one you can choose to be male, female, or nonbinary. OR, choose the aromantic route!

  • Customizable MC, this includes choosing your own gender and pronouns.

  • Some slight horror! Just a smidge, just so it’ll creep you out. Just a little. Majority of the story is a mystery though!

  • A plot that will try to hook you in. Every chapter has something of a slight cliffhanger, so you can be excited for the next!

What we would like:

  • Feedback!! Is there a scene you guys like? Perhaps don’t like? Something that could perhaps be added or taken out?

  • Grammar/coding mistakes. The both of us sometimes goof and we both miss some mistakes. Like a misspelling, a line that doesn’t sound right, etc.

We hope you enjoy!!! :blush:

TW: Kidnapping/abduction happens in chapter 1 | Near the end of chapter 4, there is murder and death.

Current Demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/7111



Official RO appearances


11/10/2020 - Added the official title artwork.
11/10/2020 - Started the poll for ethnicity/skin color customization.
11/12/2020 - Poll ended.
11/21/2020 - Official RO Designs released onto the world.
11/23/2020 - 3/4 of CH 2 released.
11/30/2020 - Entirety of CH 2 released.
12/10/2020 - Fixed quick coding mistake in CH 2.
12/11/2020 - Fixed a bug in CH 2.
12/29/2020 - CH 3 is released.
2/9/2021 - CH 4 is released.
3/18/2021 - Quick bug fix in CH 4.
6/27/2021 - CH 5 is released along with added extra fixes/editing.
7/19/2021 - Fixed some minor bugs and coding in CH 5.


Wow this is really awesome I can’t wait to read more

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Thank you!! :blush:

Your really welcome :grin::grin:

Dude this is great but throughout the entire first chapter I just wanted to grab these people and yell WHY AREN’T YOU ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS TO MY SATISFACTION?!



Answers are what the mc craves.

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I… I like this! Demanding answers from the most non-helpful woman in existence? Yes please. Surprising the bajeezus out of someone just trying to help? (this is why you don’t knock on my door unless it’s Halloween or an emergency) Classicly delicious. I’m intrigued, annoyed, feeling homesick (dad-sick? is that a word? it is now) and feeling rather goat-like. Overall this seems like a really interesting thing. I’ll be keeping an eye on it!


Thank you! Glad you’re very intrigued by the story!!

(And I suppose dad-sick can be a word? Hm)



Very quick I know, but I was informed of several grammar mistakes and wanted to fix that up as soon as possible.

There is also very little dialogue added, along with fixing grammar. Nothing too major.


How dare they think we would want to stay with them ?

Strong start but come on ! You’re abducting someone, telling them they can’t see their father anymore, then putting them in a system to monitore them and yay ! Let’s be friends !

I propose to start a war. Sbaff

Fine, fine, we’ll sneakily run away from them.

Too bad we couldn’t read all the letter. I hope in the city’s or school’s library we can find like a gealogy tree of all the families ? Or maybe just check a little the system ?

So now the question is : is the MC prisonner there ? Like under surveillance, people listening their phone call… ?

Who guessed I love spy stories ? Ah, ah ~.

But yeah, how could they find the MC ? Cause if they can track the MC, it’s gonna be difficult to run away ~.


RIGHT?! LIKE I WAS READY TO BURN THE PLACE DOWN!!! I WANT MY DAD MAN.:sob: Taking me against my will and expecting me to be docile.


Yup totally planning defiance and looking to escape at every and any oppurtunity to escape hopefully it’s not just one failed escape and all of a sudden we just accept it and be all docile and friendly to our kidnappers


I’m normally very placid, and peaceful when playing these games. I never “go for the jewels”, either… For once, I felt entirely justified in kicking back in retaliation because when someone “invades” your home, self defense in the form of fighting back, or fleeing is also entirely justified as long as you don’t go over the top, but the second person arrived before it got to that point.

I surmise based on what Mrs Anderson said that as soon as the horns appeared, they could detect you through some magical means, or other. Maybe even from afar when the headache occurred after the heirloom was around the MC’s neck, but weren’t able to arrive until long after MC’s dad went to work.

Hopeful for a chance to contact Dad soon, but that may be a bit. Maybe a new friend will be willing to help with that. :thinking:


Why can my MC just run away from Mrs Anderson? I mean queue sound track (Awolnation - Run)!!!


Interesting read so far, yup annoyed about the kidnapping, suspicious me thinks curse.


Hate to say it but beeing told to just accept the integration into their society just isn’t gonna happen for me


As much as that makes sense, their town’s police station is where the MC wakes up. Waiting until you get outside? Mrs Anderson might be faster than us, and if she can’t catch us herself, there are plenty of locals described as being in the vicinity who could. I’m chalking that up to “wait for the perfect time” since it might not be practical to run just yet. If you’re hostile? They’ll be even more alert to your shenanigans.


That much I agree with it would not be wise to try and run until you have a good chance to get away


Well they’d have to catch us for us to see if rhey are indeed faster than us. I’ll take that risk


Why take the chance the fewer eyes on you during the escape the better your chances.