WIP Battlemage Correspondence Course

I’m really a sucker for magic and fantasy of any kind so I’m already in! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to really dive into this in it’s entirety yet, but from what I’ve read it seems quite interesting.

I’ve got to say I particularly enjoy how the types of magic form this sort of cosmic balance. The tug-of-war between powerful forces maintaining some sort of stability is an idea I have used in some of my own writing so it makes me happy to see that idea elsewhere!

Keep up the good work!

Interesting anyway

Thanks everyone for playing and giving your feedback so far. I’ve just uploaded the draft for Chapter 4, hope you like it!


Can you actually win the joust? or do you always lose?


I’m really enjoying this wip!
Color me surprised when you revealed the queen’s name. I loved it! Usually in this type of scenarios you get European characters, so this change I really loved!

However I got stuck when an error popped up.
Wasn’t able to screenshot the error, but this was my choice:

I think there was a problem with “ojoust”?

Also, when our knight asks how the event went for us… we don’t answer at all and it just moves on. I feel like there is something missing there.

But that aside, really good and will happily wait for the next update :slight_smile:
Hopefully you’ll think of adding saves. It would allow us to play other routes faster and find more errors.

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There are several ways to win the joust.

Thanks, Bokeh. I made oJoust a permanent variable since temp variables seem to cause problems, and when I tested it I was able to select the technique option. I hope that solved the problem. I’m not sure what you mean by the other thing, you definitely answer when he asks how your events went. I’ll look into the saves thing. Thanks again for the feedback!