WIP Battlemage Correspondence Course BALANCE UPDATE...again!

Hi Zanite. Those thirty points were awarded to your opponent (unless you saw it added in your stats table in which case that’s a bug I need to fix). I can try to make that more clear in the narrative.


Hi everyone. I think I’ve solved all the *else bugs through some code wizardry (note to self: never try to write tournaments into future projects). Thanks to everyone for reporting the bugs and for your patience. Hopefully, everyone is able to play to the end now! I’ll also update the original post with the fixes I’ve put in place.

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Hi Jayffel, I’ve made her answer clearer. Also, the penalty for not doing an assignment correctly is not getting points towards the “Meet El Cano” stat. Should I make this clearer?

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I think it’s fine the way it is. I figured that was probably what it would do. It’s just that since I messed up the last quest available, I didn’t get to see the outcome for messing up. So it’s a result of this being a WIP, not a result of unclear cause and effect. Sorry for the confusion!

-edit: also I checked out the change to the Queen’s dialogue and it makes a lot more sense to me. :slight_smile:

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Is there any romance in this, cause I’m still not sure?

Yes, Artemis, there will be YA-level romance, but it will be a slow build.

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Hope Fizza is one of the options, already love her and rivalry to romance is great.


I had an error when my mc did jousting in her second tournament and i clicked “aim for the head”

edit: unless thats just when it is updated too because when i picked another option i got the same.

Thanks Lola. I just tested it and had no trouble aiming for the head (all three times). Hopefully, it was just an error that was solved in the update.

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So this was good. The name alone got me, ngl :joy:

Good luck! Looking forward to see more!



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When Roja gets hurt in the joust, I feel like there should be an option to use healing magic to help her.

Thanks kckolbe, good idea.

No my friend that’s not a working title that title needs to stay it drew me in like a moth to a flame


I like the title too, but apparently it’s like 1 character too long for mobile, so we’ll see.

Substitute the word: “Coven” for the word: “Course”


You line up your stance and wait for the other squire to strike. He sends a broad swing and you catch it with your staff. He reacts quickly and swings the sword from the other direction. You block again. He tries again, and this time you parry it, twisting his sword away and manage to stab the tip of your own sword clinking into his shoulder plate.

I was using staff


Loved it… Great work

Thank you!

Ah gotcha, I wasn’t reading it properly.