(WIP) Aura Clash [Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

Do you guys has any recommendation for a Shang Tsung build? (Besides picking the most evil options all the times and being hated by all NPCs in the game)


and why that excuse mentor of ours did not notice the changing in the Aura after we accrued the fire element i mean isn’t he one of the most experienced warriors in the area?


IF i remember correctly you need to take the evil book and do a blood sacrifice with the captured slavers.

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Will there be cheat mode ?


This game is great, and the way you present the story is amazing. I have a request, can the characters’ pictures be on the stats screen?


Didn’t work I can only get one element in the preparations for the trials event

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I think, if I remember correctly, that you need to create and use the barrel bombs. After that if you use the black book and make the sacrifice it unlocks


This is correct. Building bombs needs Lore+Alchemy >= 3. Do that, blow the building and sacrifice the people, you’ll have the option to attune to fire early.


By the way, can we have a beard option when customizing our character? I’m getting more into the story.


And maybe diffrent beard styles depending on your race


@ResulEkremKaya @Krieg_Enthusiast Not a bad idea and not hard to implement, I just added beards in for the next update.

@Ace_Hero I’m considering it in a Menu option area later on.

@Vertanius I hate me for it too, ideally I wanted the WIP to end when/if you arrive in Nanhou for the Trials but I wanted a Halloween release so badly.

@apple I’ll look at an option to choose your aura’s color between options when you learn a second element or your Style.

@Dragomer Oh for sure, Monkey Yokai for life.

Also thanks to the new checkpoint system I can kill players with less guilt, so we can all look forward to that.


Quick question: That gold that comes with the letter cockmunch gives us, does he always steal it or can we get it if we tank the sucker punch?

Love the game btw, really enjoying it, can’t wait for more


Originally he always steals it but, knowing him, he would steal it in front of your unconscious body for laughs. A good point. I’ll add it back in if you tank the punch.


Hello, my name is Erick, thank you for accepting me as a member and I really appreciate you.


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It’s against the rules asking such question

Ok dev, I humbly request 3 things. They just came to me.

Whenever we fight dickhead again, I want to be able to throughly humiliate him in these 3 ways.

1: Hit him with the Evo Moment 37, along with the “LET’S GO JACK!”

These next 2 for thunder element main

2: Destroy him with the good ole Thunder Wind God Fisting

And finally top it off with 3, after the thorough humiliation:


Hey. Really enjoying this read.

I keep getting an error when I reach this page:

It says in the description of the post that the author is going to fix it in the next update.


Hello and good whatever time of the day I’ll have the luck of having you read this, along with the reasons this message reaches you; this funny one I haven’t seen discussed yet:

“Ancestor’s tits!” He shouts suddenly when the realization hits him, “You’re a Fortitude specialist now? Chu be damned, maybe you’re worthy of being my punching bag afterall.”

Maybe we can together gather some insight from the aforesaid quote:
1.- Are there actual thriving specialists in this world?
If there are, would it be inaccurate to assume that some cores can’t cover for other cores?
A binary yes, no or answer of similar effect may open the following question:
2.- How do they, if they do, adapt to what the following potential condition entails to them in relation to a well-rounded martial artist? “Official Technique List with four Technique Slots, one per Core. “Equipped” attack techniques will offer options in combat that will solve problems more easily at the cost of Chi”
3.- And even if they do adapt, there’s still an arguably relevant observation under testing that could change the answer to the first question: “It seems that what a technique does is give a passive effect and an active one, both limited by a Core technique capacity of 1, and enhance the surge limit of the core in which it is equipped at the expense of Chi.”

In short: Why would a specialist need to enhance the surge limit of their already hyper-competent preferred core? -that is a trick question, there are no specialist alive in this ruthlessly competitive world, they were all unbirthed by the process of natural selection.

Anyway, an altogether different question, would it be a correct guess to assume that handing the weighted armor to Jin had any impact on his development? If so, does training with the twins and Kosuke after they have unlocked their aura have any impact on their development? Thank you, the integrity of my limbs lies on your answer, with love :anatomical_heart: