(WIP) Aura Clash [Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

I’m pleased to present Aura Clash, a high-flying fantasy Martial Arts world where you unfortunately play as a powerless peasant arrogantly rising above their station.

The 205k word game (not counting code) can be found here: https://dashingdon.com/play/cultivator-anon/aura-clash/mygame/

CURRENT BUG: If you had a certain encounter with a priestess, do not choose “Meditate on the justification of force”, it’s currently the only gamebreaking bug and I will fix it in the next update after letting people play.

CURRENT BUG: Choosing to Counterblast Leona’s big attack will break the game. Fixed for next update.

About Aura Clash

Aura Clash is based in an eastern fantasy world of powerful martial artists who gain their superhuman abilities by absorbing natural chi from the world and enhancing it through battle and training.

The setting’s main culture involves ancient Cathayan (china-rome) past influence on the current Zenshin people (japan-HRE).

You play the role of a child growing up in a medium-sized village hidden away in the mountains, powerless and penniless with your otherwise happy family. Yet such a safe life is not for everyone. Your quest to join the ranks of the Martial Artists in your growing years will lead to unforeseeable events:

  • Build up your own Clan from scratch, a slow task easier said than done.
  • Learn one of the five mystical Martial Arts and master one of the eight Elements.
  • Uncover darker plots hiding under the surface of the local Martial World.
  • Compete in the Heavenly Ascension Trials against thousands of other Martial Artists for the right to join the Archonate, the most prestigious Sect in the empire.
  • Form alliances or rivalries with different competitors and factions to increase (or ruin) your chance for victory.

Currently Aura Clash is at 240k words, 205k of which are without code. The end-goal is 500k words with a largely complete story. Sequels will be available as writing this has been very enjoyable, but I want the first game to finalize an important arc so the game is fulfilling in case I get hit by a bus.

The Cast

Note: Romance options are heterosexual.

Kosuke [F/M, RO]: Your childhood friend who’s followed your journey from the start and occasionally gets you into trouble.

Jin and Rin [M and F]: Your younger siblings and general annoyance in your life.


Angelo [M, RO]: A wine-loving pilgrim and travelling mentor seeking those in need according to the teachings of the Devanic Temple.


Tian Fang [F, RO]: The star pupil of an ally Sect, Tian Fang keeps a cheery demeanor clashing against her unusually deep wolf yokai instincts.


Crusher Jack [M]: Your childhood bully and rival. Arrogant, condescending, insecure, tyrannical if given the chance. A truly unrepentant asshole and prodigy.


Lady Desdemona [F, RO]: A directionally-challenged swamp witch working to keep her weak Sect in tact and make money doing it.


Dai Guiren [M, RO]: A charming but ruthless debt collector and gang leader with a powerful benefactor and the worst underlings on the planet.


Crusher Mao [M]: The master of your village’s Martial Arts Sect. A powerful and ruthless leader worshipped like a celebrity.


Leona [F, RO]: A manic and violent woman seeking the next thrill whether it be a bloody duel or a fishing contest.

Various Others: As the writing grows temporary romances have been sprinkled into the plot, one of which is already in place. These will be brought back in later chapters/potential sequels depending on popular demand. (I have already been threatened to bring one back, twice).

Cut Content

I set a personal deadline of 9 months, which came out to exactly Halloween since I started on March 1st. Below is a list of half-written/planned content for the current WIP that didn’t make it and is scheduled to be added back in:

  • Flavor text for increasing Skills during the 12 months of training in Chapter 3.
  • An entirely different quest option to learn Shugendō.
  • Option to challenge Bo to a duel at the sparring ring instead of racing him.
  • Journal page (lexicon, known NPCs, world information)
  • More books at the library (which will add to journal world information)
  • Official Technique List with four Technique Slots, one per Core. “Equipped” attack-Techniques will offer options in combat that will solve problems more easily at the cost of Chi. (These are currently learned at the end of the WIP but not yet utilized)
  • Punching Guiren in the face as his ally.
  • An option to fight The Boar™
  • Background + Style synchronization for players who skip Chapter 1.
  • More racial/trait reactivity.

I am in love, from the writing to the characters I think I am going to see something I will def enjoy in the future!

Edit: This made me laugh a lot


BUGS :bug:



I just finished it and I got so annoyed when I got to the current ending that I went “oh come on!”

That should tell you how invested I got into this WIP and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it. You got some great potential in this so I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being one of the popular WIPs on here.


Just fixed that bug, an ifelse was set to an if so the *else bug command hit every time a female MC got there. I removed all the *bug commands from chapter 3 while I was at it so next time you’ll hopefully get to keep playing if there’s another!


I must say this is very fun, i’m looking forward to seeing what happens next
keep up the good work

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This is absolutely awesome. The author put a lot of work into this WIP, and it really shows through the writing.

There are a lot of skills and stats, but I honestly felt that they all got frequent and pretty much equal screen-time in terms of skill increases and checks, so to speak, which is really great.

Also the story is really engaging and fun, and I say this as someone who isn’t even particularly interested in the martial arts fantasy genre.

But most importantly, I absolutely loved your writing omg! It’s descriptive but easy to read, and I loved that there were quite a few moments that made me laugh (in a good way! it’s not easy to intersperse humour throughout a story in a way that actually improves it without being obstructive or distracting, so i really appreciate authors who are able to pull this off :joy: )


Going to give this a try

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There is one thing I would highly recommend, however:

Please consider adding a lot more details about your game to the intro post, including the story, characters, and features (like what we are able to do in the game that is fun/interesting that gets readers’ attentions). Your game is really good but I’m worried that a lot of people might gloss over it when they see the current intro post.


Hmmm I’ve only read the description and I’m already in love

this wip is great the only problem i have is the cliffhang ending and the stat manual for increase in stats doesn’t work other than that the story is prefect

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Believe me the cliffhanger was a compromise not a goal, I set a Halloween deadline and was determined to end at a legitimate turning point. As for the stat book failing, is this from inside the Inventory system or somewhere else and which stat did it fail to raise?


yes and all on i only tested survival alchemy and a few other also with this book be the start of a series because this book is great and how far can we as a clan and as a individual get

and it is good the cliff hanger will just make me more happy with the next update


It’s so neat to be able to play a Monkey Yokai, that’s a pretty rare feature.

I guess Onis are more based in Tieflings than on the ones from stories like Momotaro since they have a deception bonus instead of a strength one?

One critic I have is that some of the styles are better described than others. For exemple, the Sorcery style has a very good description of what I can expect if I pick it while the Minds style is kinda unclear on what a fight with it would look like.

Very good so far.


awesome wip where I can actually feel like PLAYING instead of just READING

keep up the good work


Hii I found this problem!!!

Very fun read! This is some of the best pacing and writing I’ve read in one of these books to date, 100% I’m gonna buy it when it comes out!

The power difference between characters and how it effects their interactions is my favorite part of this story and the main characters all have interesting and memorable personalities. I also enjoy the blend of humor and horror you’re going for here, it keeps the story from becoming too grimdark and edgy.
The tone actually feels like if dragonball and the boys had very violent and kickass baby which I really enjoy.

I gotta ask though if its possible to get a race with dark skin? Im not sure if there’s gonna be a lore reason for that not being possible but it would be cool to see my skin tone in the story! Really not a big issue just a personal request.
Keep up the good work Im looking forward to its release!


This is so good!!! I’ve always liked eastern xianxia or wuxia style novels so this was a good one. I loved the interactions and loved the story as a whole can’t wait for more content!!!

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I love this game a lot compared to other games it feels really nice it not too heavy on the stat requirements and the humor is great :+1:t2:
Also there was a glitch were I bought a drab outfit like sandals and a hat to blend in and it never showed up in my inventory.


Cool xianxia story, i hope more people’s seeing this thread. Stay safe and healthy