(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

I’m right there with you. For being an IF fan, the RO choice is always my least favorite. I want it all in one go. I’m trash, I admit it.

That’s why I like what’s going on in AC so far. Koskue very quickly became the first RO, then Leona shows up and I’m just like… I’m not going to say no! Especially since that… attempted RO scene… comes after openly kissing Koskue.

Now I just have to impress Tian again…

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I think Leona liked that you kissed Kousouke lol​:rofl::rofl:


Well one of the part of the story I like is the character banter, this small interaction with each other that’s also main reason I never say no to new team member, even if they’re suspicious I always wanted to see how they develop.

It maybe just me but most of interactive novel rarely flesh out other character like for example MC go and develop relationship with Kosuke I would like to see others also develop their relationship I find not many games does reactive story telling like that.

Such example of that game is Dawn of Heroes, whenever MC pick their romance interest other character pick their own story and develop a crush or even engage in relationship.


I can confidently tell you that crusher jack is my favourite RO. That line he says when he meets us in the latest battle? Chef’s kiss


Yes, yes she does:

	*if ((bffheshe != heshe) and (bffromance >= 1))
		#[Open-mouth kiss Kosuke in front of everyone.]
			"WOOOO!!!" Leona screams in applause, clapping as she tries to choke Bo with her thighs.
			*if (heshe = "she")
				*set leonarep + 5
				"Get it, woman!"
			*if (heshe = "he")
				*set leonarep + 2
				*set leonaromance + 1

Kissing Kosuke in front of her only makes her want you more if you’re a guy. :v

(then again, so does spitting in her mouth, smh)


Good to know she is swinging that way. Need to readjust my approach in next replay


replay time


Wow there must be a really big update since i haven’t seen any updates to the game, sadly i have no money so i cant do the patreon version of the game which sucks since i am eating this game up, either way keep up the good work, and even if it takes a year ill be ready…i am a patient man with the need to spread faith through my holy fists


Ah no worries, the patreon doesn’t even have an update yet (should get one in a few weeks), paternity leave has eaten up my time but 2 updates from now we’ll be back to a regular schedule (patreon + free tiers getting updates at the same time and more regularly).


Oh and btw every time i play as the aouymaso (sorry if thats not how you spell it) i feel like the video on youtube called jesus part 2 part one, funniest shit i have ever seen


What the hell did I just watch. I need to be careful of these rabbit holes man

Helpless swat member “Jesus christ!” jesus “yeah?” XD

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I admit, it made me chortle. lmfao

Honestly as a christian i don’t think i laughed so hard in my life watching it for the first time


Also anon congrats man

@cultivator-anon I just realized if Bo or Jack would have killed Kosuke they would be in violation of the Imperial Edict. Hypothetically if that had a happened and the MC informed the authorities of this in Nanhou would Jack and/or Bo actually be punished?

Kosuke isn’t Warrior Caste so killing him/her would be fine. Preferable, even, considering Kosuke’s a known thief. Although that’s actually my fault, I scanned through and can’t find anywhere that it specifies the Trials are for the Warrior Caste, which I have some planned plots specifically built around that detail. Edited the letter in chapter 2 to make sure it’s mentioned.


Well I guess we have to marry Kosuke as early possible to get her a technical protection


Oh ok that’s makes sense the Laborers can’t catch a break lol. I guess that means she won’t be participating in the trials then either.

But if she didn’t have to go to Nanhou why would she try to stow away in a carriage that Jack and the rest of the sect was using right after she had stolen from the sect? I always thought it was weird she didn’t come find the MC after she did that.

Kosuke fled on an ordinary Trade Caravan by hiding under a wagon to avoid Beasts and not let the Sect/guards know which way Kosuke was going. Mao’s caravan turned around and caught the wagon Kosuke was hiding under as if they knew exactly where to look. I believe Kosuke goes over that in internal monologue if you play as Kosuke by failing the prison break.