(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

I released the demon.

Yeah in fact that was not the best run IMO, that was a run focused on getting most AP that i could, i prefer other paths, such as the blacksmith swordsman or the midorikatai trapper.

By the way sorry i took so much time to answer, i just got into the choice of game forum i was trying to figure out how the quote mechanic work lol, bad result.


I’m glad I could ruin your game. Can’t wait for the next chapter to do the same.

I get you. My guide looks like it focuses hard on getting AP but there is a lot of place to tweak it a bit, mostly by using the skill books I kept in my inventory or changing a few months in chapter 3. Good job at breaking the game, though.

No worries and welcome. I reckon there was some sort of interactive guide where you talk to a bot and it teaches you all the cool stuff about posting and formatting. It’s worth giving a try if you haven’t already.


There is a file size limit which is pretty easy to hit, so you might need to either crop it if you are just copy/pasting in the post, or save it as jpg first to reduce the file size.

New forum users can’t post pictures too, it took me a couple months to get the ability.


Not months i think a week or something only :thinking:

Fine tuned my Aoymusu Merchant Charcater with 6 cores in every stat and just under 1400 AP

Every skill stat has at least two levels

Though I did basically go flat broke to do this and I a tiny bit corruption from the evil path manual but something tells me I can fine tune it even more to fix this issues.

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is this the only path that is able to get 6 in every stat

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Nah Aoymusu is probably the hardest to get 6 with actually and of course if you do the deal with Jahi it will be even easier. Akakiru in particular should be able to do something similar with even less Aura Pressure. But any class with 1400 AP should be able to pretty much do the same

okay any tips for a ninja build

Try to follow @Fero guide above and adjust it as needed for your build

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Damn this is a good WIP, what’s the narrative purpose behind all the RO’s being straight, btw?
And to change that via console, is there a specific flag for each RO or just a romance level parameter

Damn this is a good WIP


what’s the narrative purpose behind all the RO’s being straight, btw?

I’m not comfortable writing romance scenes/buildup outside of my sexuality, maybe more experienced writers are but I’m just getting started. Honestly I’m even having great difficulty writing female-perspective romance buildup, Guiren is going well enough as a power struggle tease but Angelo has needed a rewrite twice and needs another one soon.

As for the narrative, I just don’t see most of the cast as anything but heterosexual except obviously Leona.

And to change that via console, is there a specific flag for each RO or just a romance level parameter

If you want to mod samesex romance in you’ll need to look for anywhere in the files that sets “romance +” or “romance -” and that should show you things like “*set desromance + 1” or “set angeloromance - 1”, many of these are genderlocked behind an if statement so check the “heshe” variable and flip it. For flags look for “romance >” and that will show you the times where I’m checking the romance variable, you can flip the “heshe” variable here too. I do have a few times where I set romance flags to 0 if the “heshe” flag is same-sex, you should find those when searching for “romance >”, make sure to delete them. That should do it! If it works you can share it with others too.

Though I’d wait for chapter 6 to be finished because things get a little spicier.


Why? I prefer not-jesus to lizard boy by far.

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Honestly it should forum rules to not question authors why they write someone as straight or not . That just baiting the author to be cancelled


While I get what you’re saying, it’s pretty well accepted that authors are the masters of their worlds. I’ve yet to see any kind of story content get bashed, even some of the most vile and horrible things. In fact, it seems we all tend to love the terrible drama and subjections.

The rare user might whine or annoy the author, but they’re typically dealt with kindly. I see no issue with simply asking the author why something is the way it is (for example, POMA had homosexual ROs but had to switch to hetero only cuz Russia). I like knowing what limits authors have and where their personal comfort zones lie.

I’ve seen plenty of authors actually switch ROs around to allow more player-wanted interactions and I’ve seen other stick purely to their vision. I support both.

So while I think we should be mindful of not pushing the author or harassing them, it’s good to know that the reason for hetero-only is a personal issue and not something else. If anything, that makes me more likely to take part in shutting down requests if they start popping up too much. I get people wanting something and requesting it, but I also get that its not great to push authors where they’re uncomfortable if we have any interest in seeing an end product.

No cancelling here. Nuh uh. I’ll defend authors all I have to.


Aura Clash is also one of the few games that I’ve seen that don’t really need RO content. At least at this point in the story from my perspective. My Sacred Chi character for example doesn’t really have any romantic prospects at the moment. It feels wierd romancing Kosuke cause she feels like more of a sister to me and their isn’t much interaction with other RO’s atm in that path but I haven’t found myself missing or wanting more romance content which is definitely not usually the case.

EDIT: Having that said I do think @cultivator-anon is doing a really good job with the romance scenes that have been written. The romance path of desdemona with a kiihaikai character in particular is very well written.


Hoo good to know there is only hetero option, my style normally poly option first if not available its hetero as much I like fun and games with gay option I want heir for my character, at least that’s how I imagine it.

Dude, what are you waffling on about?