(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

all i am just saying that, it would seem odd to acknowledge both foundation without properly giving it some recognition that the mc is not the only one capable of having it and including there have been others who had such foundations, because from the way Taio describe our mc foundation based on difficulty, it as if we are the only ones that have it, this just my opinion from playing fuel foundation i don’t know how Taio talks about the jade foundation

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That isn’t the wrong idea you do have both foundation if you read the cheat mode dialogue this is addressed when you meet the second Taio. But basically it says that the Jade Dragon Foundation while very powerful is also incredibly difficult to detect and analyze unless they are specifically looking for it, due to its rareness and its differences between it and regular foundations. So when Taio evaluates your blood or whatever he doesn’t detect the Jade Dragon Foundation but he does still detect the Fuel Foundation. The dialogue kinda hints that more info about having two foundations may be revealed in the future


Don’t you guys feel this is getting increasingly silly and contrived way to address a very simple issue, which was someone getting butthurt upset because their MC didn’t know what fuel foundation was and had to be told? If that is such a game-breaking problem then simply have MC answer “yes, duh, i know what fuel foundation is” if they pass Lore check, or whatever.


This. This is the way.


I dunno, I never felt that’s a problem, MC is deliberately stopped from learning more, and has to scrap by. Of course some facts are just missing from his education, nothing wrong with it.


I agree, i think MC having limits in what they manage to learn is fine. But, well, evidently this is a contested issue :v


I have some suggestions, feel free to apply or discard as you see fit.

1 - as children/teenagers, trying to get more AP, to become warriors, I fell that we would try to use our background to get something related or at least learn something related. Example, blacksmith would try to make a weapon for themselves, alchemist would try to make or at least learn how to make elixir similar to the earth something pill, and so on.

2- we are capable of reaching 100 AP before the gate event, that was supposed to be a advancement mark right? But we reach it and our mc still fells like a failure.

3- at first mission, as an intermediate alchemist (3points proficiency) I think we should be able to refine the fruits to get more AP four ourselves and Kousuke. Same as a blacksmith we should be able to make a better bow for Kousuke.

4- for the hand seals, if we do get the north/east/west/south seals, I think we should “unlock” a new seal maybe? Or a passive skill related to them, anyway, some kind of “hey you know everything from this thing, now you can use it this way”

5- specific weapons for each class, since the the sharp ones get Muramasa, excellent complement for them. The wild one could get claws, the magic or the religious one, getting some kind of staff, good weapon for keeping distance. (since I usually get the magic one, I would be very happy to being able to wield jingu bang).

5.1- there are some games where Muramasa is a magic weapon that becomes anything that the user feels more comfortable with, be it a sword, a bow, whatever, if it chooses the user it adapts itself.

6- as alchemist background I feel very dumb for not knowing that advancement elixirs are not supposed to hurt XD.


I mean, apparently this is common for all the alchemists in your region (or if they do know, they either aren’t capable of doing any better, or care) so i wouldn’t feel particularly singled out. /s

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I think it’s fine the way it is, Bladed style’s main point is supposed to be about weapon, getting unique weapon for each style will make Blade style less compelling

Sacred has talismans, Mystic has rituals, Cursed have kunai and poisons, Wild has Beasts ( in the future )

All styles already have their own “weapons”


So we don’t know about our own mediocrity XD. In this case my char would feel even bad with himself.

for number 2 are you talking about the first gate and if so how do u get 100 ap

I don’t remember when but I think the author already stated that special weapons (those with their own name like the Muramasa) will only be for the blade style but as in the future we will be able to create our own weapons, other styles will be able to use powerful weapons (even that are generic and nameless weapons)

With the right choices/skills you can gather quite a few shards in the full version of Chapter 1. Because the cost of using shards raises with how much AP you have, it’s best to make use of your shards as soon as possible, that can net you some 10-20 AP extra, which can be enough to get you over 100 AP overall.

Huh, I managed to get into the mid 90s but never 100. I’ll have to look around or lower some default gains early on. The 3 from seeing Mao fight, the 2-5 from the Jack fight, and the bonus to cycling from your Handseals rank was added later on so it looks like those small extra options may have made a plot issue


Note, the manual cycling was bugged for a while and provided double gains. So it’s possible that after it’s fixed this is no longer the case.

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Sadly not for Merchant backgrounds who betray their dad, I was able to get just over 100 with my illgotten bribebux

I’ll add some small nerfs to lower your total childhood gains and add them back through a small buff to the Gates.


@cultivator-anon i just replayed the merchant background and uses the scroll to get a cursed style attack will in the later part of the game be able to use it again

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That’s a single-use Soul Treasure, they can be used to activate a Technique imbued inside the scroll. A major boon of Merchant Sects where they have more firepower than they should but, being merchants, never want to spend it. Unfortunately it’s gone, though Cursed Chi wielders may see that Technique again later on.


I don’t feel like I get extra rituals for being a mystic. It’s pretty much the same.

True, though your Mystic Chi unlocked rather recently and then you got abducted. I’ll see what can be added.