(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

I’m not a fan of revealing whole guides but just this once in the hopes it eventually gets buried by other posts: the best way to get them all buffed is to choose Kosuke to train with in chapter 1, choose your siblings to spend time with after big chu’s training in chapter 2 when you have 2 lore so you can train them both and 2 athletics so they both get a bigger buff, then have 2 insight so you can get the spirit fruit for kosuke on the mission, use the evil tome and perform the sacrifice with kosuke present, then buy 3 extra weighted clothing and train with each of them in chapter 3 and give them each some weighted clothing, and learn Buffer’s Barrier from the library to teach it to all 3. For the final point, do guard duty to earn money and send one of them, probably Kosuke.


Probably not how it works, but when we cycle the demonic chi away from Taoi it would be funny if it resulted in another Taoi in our head formed from the chi absorbed. Then every Taoi we meet has an option in combat that would result in them being absorbed too like some demented pokemon trainer. Final boss fight with the real Taoi is us and 7 of his clones jumping him




Bro wants to jump Taoi like he’s a Jujutsu Kaisen villain, lmao. I’m all for it.


thank u

Hey i just want to say your game is absolutly phenominal, everything about it is just perfection, from the chadacters, to the actual gameplay itself. so pe proud and know that you are a amazing person as well as an amazing creator. P.S long live the ninjas they are my boys.


Characters i suck at typing

Guiren’s gang (and their interactions with Guiren himself) is seriously the best. My MC actually sided with Desdemona during the first encounter, so things started with assassination attempt, but they won her over before it was even concluded.

Stuff like this?

Ringing fills your ears as you rise, its sound muffled by the occasional scream. The debris acting like a thick dust fog starts to settle and you look upon the crater where the mansion used to be. Water trickles in from under the ground due to the depth of the crater and a lake slowly begins to form.

On the other side of the demolition you see Guiren, Kosuke, Bo, Leona, and Guiren’s men pop into existence as if they were yanked out of reality for the duration of the attack and deposited back into the world when it was over.

One of Guiren’s shinobi-masked underlings waves at you. Guiren slaps him in the back of the head.

pure gold :v


I think I found a bug, it’s in chapter 4, in the part where someone tries to kill the MC by setting traps on his way.

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Ahhh that elusive one, rumors of its death have been grossly exaggerated. I’ll give it a look when I get home.


I’m curious, what kind of benefits do we get by being adept in one style or element? (I know it’s about mastery, I just want some practical example)

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Combat checks where your style can apply will add your mastery of that style as a number, essentially giving extra ranks, and certain abilities/events/options will require higher ranks as you go.


So i did some research and found some connections

Akakiru= Kenjutsu
Midorikatai= Judo
Aoyusumu= Aikido
Kiihakai= MMA?
Kurokatan= Budō Taijutsu


Thanks for the info, also, are you thinking about giving us a bo staff named weapon? Like the Muramasa? I always liked the “it’s not lethal, if I don’t want it to be” vibe from this weapon XD

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Great game, my sincere congratulations. When it’s complete I’ll probably be able to say it was the best CoG I’ve ever played.

I just have one suggestion for now. I think it would be nice to have the option of studying/learning about the different types of foundation (having Taio explain something as if the MC were an idiot puts me off), if possible, in this same line of tought, I would also like a brief introduction to the Jade Dragon Foundation, its history or qualities, just to give it more context.


I can throw a book into the library for the more Learned among players, I’ll add it to the to-do list


but if you do that, some of us might get the wrong idea that we will have both the jade foundation and fuel foundation in the cheat mode or the one with achievements, which will be confusing, so maybe you can create a explaination separately for them in the diffculty that is selected

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I couldn’t ask for more, thank you very much and sorry in advance for the extra work.


I don’t see what would be so confusing about it or why it should be a separate book based on ones chosen difficulty, since in non jade foundation playthroughs it could just be a way of acknowledging that such a foundation exists.


Why would you think that?If having a book of magic in the library doesn’t mean we have magic does it?