(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

Was never active on the POMA thread, so is this a good thing or bad thing?

Again I’d like to reiterate, I’m not trying to pressure the author in any way. this is just an idea that came to me on a whim, I’ll gladly accept it if it’s not implemented if it’ll cause too much trouble

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There were a ton of fans demanding that the main rival be male/female selectable so it’s basically the same thing, and don’t worry I don’t feel pressured lol, love the artwork though. I don’t think I’ll be implementing it in the main game but it could be a fun cameo idea or concept to work with.

I’ve saved all your artwork btw, incredibly flattering stuff


maybe along the journey to the heavenly trial, we surprise jack with a revenge prank for annoying us all this years by temporarily changing his gender and his body to a woman with handseals gotten from a pervy sage


Could be some sort of a short dream/nightmare MC experiences while on their way to the tournament city. Since they’ve just recently met Jack it wouldn’t be entirely out of place /s


I hate Jack but jill…I kinda like her lol.


Since i just started the oni story line i was thinking… There will be any difference if you choose to use the corruptive “magic”? As in, i read oni derivates from demons soooo it will wake up the more demonic bloodline? Dunno if i explained myself here.

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to report bugs, but I noticed something at the end of chapter 2. If you choose “Only until he’s repaid his debt to society for what he’s done.” when having one underling, and then proceed to change your mind to let him go, the game treats it as if you’ve kept him. I looked into the code and it only happens in this specific scenario because the “freeslaver”-label is set after the variable “underling” changes (as well as the “ruthless” variable), so I believe it should be moved up 2 lines.


Can you get more than one slave? The check while going to the temple says “servants” plus I’m curious lol

IIRC you can get one at the farm where you first discover the bandits, and another if you take captured bandits from the inn back to the sect.

It’s an option after the fight and interrogation: No, your life is mine. You work for me now. Requires Persuasion 2+ for it to be enabled.


I know the one you get given by mao but you can get another at the farm? I did not know that. Can you explain the farm servant more?

Should not we be able to dodge Jacks attack after our training is complete with enough Soul, Insight and Agility? With the way this game is designed with multiple Stats for a Single choice, like using Survival or Lore for struggling out of Jacks Grip, i thought that would be an Option.

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In Chapter 2 or Chapter 5? In 2 no, it’s the beginning of a Technique developed by Chapter 5. In Chapter 5, are you talking about the Thunderfall punch? Because in that case he doesn’t hit you, it destroys the mansion under your feat. or are you talking about the Rock grabbing your feet? Because if so it was an unexpected cheapshot while you were busy with Crow Li.


Chapter Two, when he cheap shots you when giving you the letter about the Trials. I just think that as character with 4 Insight and 4 Soul, i can’t sense his cheap shot, which is a bit weird.

You’re underestimating the techniques a lot. Back then, we couldn’t even unlock immortal cores at will yet and unless I’m mistaken, if you dodge the blow, it’s most likely that your house will be destroyed since I think MC was standing in the door.


is it possible to have a cheat mode for the twins and kosuke

I’d say not really, since it’s effectively a point-blank sucker punch and MC’s skills are much lower than Jack’s (who has 5 extra cores at this point vs MC’s 1)

Wait, is that on cheat mode? Because normally the game forces you to spread upgrades evenly till you have 2 of each, iirc. Guess that could be a situation which warrants exception, then, but it’s pretty borderline case.


If you use the current cheat mode Jade Dragon Foundation then after Big Chu’s training you can choose to spend your second massive buff on buffing Jin, Rin, and Kosuke instead due to your energy leaking out during your consistent time with them.