(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

Whichever parent has a higher AP typically decides the race of the child, and they don’t mix very much, the children often come out distinctly one race or the other (I am NOT coding halfrace templates, my plate is full as it is).

If both parents are close in AP it’s usually the father’s race. (FemMCs still won’t have to worry if we ever get to that point and they go down that path)


There’s a few examples that come to mind. During the year training, having higher level Thievery to steal at the market gives better rewards. Higher Persuasion nets you a better discount from haggling, 5% for each level I believe. At the Sage shop, you need higher Stealth to steal the rarer scrolls. Earning funds probably give you more money on average for a corresponding high level skill.
Higher Alchemy means you spend 1 less reagent for each refinement.

Tbf almost none of these need you to have a higher level to pass, it’s just a better reward per additional level. Although…some checks during the prison cell escape were pretty tough iirc.


I actually hardcoded that escape to fail but decided against it, went back, and wrote about 15,000 words of difficult escape option routes for people who refuse to lose :sweat_smile:


This guy gets it. Some people just don’t take Ls lmfao.


Thank you!! Would have hated to not be allowed to escape with 5 of all their related stats

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NGL, while i wouldn’t dislike getting funneled into the failure all that much, the smuggled key sequence alone makes the game twice as good (especially when played blind, without a walkthrough and it blindsides you as much as the protagonist)


And here we have everyone’s favourite manic violent sword-girl, being yeeted out the window for being horny at an inappropriate time:-


Oi it was the perfect time to be horny how dare you shame my sword maniac lol. Joking aside all of these are just perfection


How do you get that key? I’ve never seen it, although I haven’t played Kurokonton yet. Is it in that route?

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When you’re hired as escort for trade caravan in Chapter 4 choose the option to rob them blind instead of doing your proper job. You’ll need some decent Lore and Perception skills, followed by Handseals and finally Stealth, to pull it off. Also, can’t have merchant background.


You mean the dude that orders his guards to attack as soon as you say the sect you are from?

Yup. But it’s better to introduce yourself as your clan leader anyway. So long as you have some basic prestige.

It’s perfectly legit, your MC can even determine as much with some Lore+Perception under their belt.


I never took the job because the contract sounded so shady. At least I know now it’s not shady lol.

Funny anecdote: the first time I made it to the second Taoi fight as an Aoyusumu style practitioner it was with the Trapper background. Naturally, towards the fight I was picking all the options related to faith, since Sakura Akira is a gud Christian girl. So when The heavens opened up during Taoi’s attempt to kill me, I didn’t realize it was because Small Sakura was about to make her entrance, and was instead convinced that YHWH himself was about to lay out a holy smackdown on an unholy monk

Incidentally, @cultivator-anon does Angelo have any relatives that go by Michael/Uriel/Gabriel etc?

Btw-for y’all folks trying to woo the shrine maiden (whether for the additional exp or for horny reasons) I’d like to point out that, at that point we have Taoi in our head. Some of you may be into that, but I think it’s a bit uncouth to let a demonic monk perv on Miss Mina. Unless at that point he still hasn’t recovered yet?


i love my psychotic sword babe!


Hell yeah! scenes from “fifty shades of gray” recreated with Leona are coming


Okay, @cultivator-anon —crazy outlandish idea I know, feel free to retcon this idea immediately if you wish dear author—but hear me out:-

Gender-selectable Jack? His twin sister? An illegitimate child of Mao?

Replayed the game with a female protag for the first time, and I was genuinely, and pleasantly, surprised at the potential of a romance with him—the teasing from the MC, the blushy denial and reactions, the enemies-to-lovers aspect, and also the fact that Mao would be absolutely livid when he finds out his genius son has feelings for a former labourer!

So I thought it would be cool if something similar would also be possible for male MC! But no worries if implementing something like this isn’t possible, either due to lore or personal reasons. You are the creator of this game/story after all, so I’ll be okay with whatever you decide!


gets Tang Rou flashbacks




Was never active on the POMA thread, so is this a good thing or bad thing?

Again I’d like to reiterate, I’m not trying to pressure the author in any way. this is just an idea that came to me on a whim, I’ll gladly accept it if it’s not implemented if it’ll cause too much trouble

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