(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

The cast is a little taller than one would expect thanks to better nutrition than most similar settings (hunting being far easier, farming being aided by alchemy when needed)

Angelo - 6’3"
Jack - 6’3" and growing
Guiren - 5’11"
M Kosuke - 5’10"
Jin - 5’8"
Leona - 5’7"
Tian Fang - 5’6"
F Kosuke - 5’6"
Desdemona - 5’5"
Rin - 5’5"
Crusher Mao - 1 inch taller than you’re thinking
Bo Lo - 1 inch shorter than you’re thinking

Add 1-2 inches to Jin and Rin if they’re Bull Yokai or Lunargoth.


The growth thing reminds me – is Jack one of these lucky people who are free from “the mortal limits” like MC is by default, or does he get the AP penalty after the threshold?


He certainly seems that way :wink:


No kidding. MC is gonna need a training montage while on the boat, to catch up.

Am thinking something like this, at the very least.


Ya know what would be funny? If we choose the “short and stocky” option for the MC, but he’s actually only 5’7 which is like average height, but Jin just spends the rest of his life lording that extra inch of hight over the MC cause he’s a little shit


The correct answer to this is to pick up the body development specialization and pay Jin back for his taunts as soon as you get the handle on it (and the associated body growth)

very early on, when jack punches you and steals your gold, he has fire element then.

I feel you might be potentially misreading the description there…?

“What…What happened?” You ask, struggling to put the words together. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Rin ran off earlier talking about perfume ingredients, Mother and Father are out shopping, and what happened is I almost inheritted the Clan. One moment I’m enjoying my morning mango, the next moment there’s a hot flash of light throughout the house like it was on fire. I run in here expecting a fire and find that asshole Jack in the doorway, laughing about knocking you across the room. Probably how you got that.”

He points to your abdomen where a hole has been blown through the bottom of your shirt. Underneath is a dark black bruise that’s starting to gain more hues of blue, purple, and red. The pain increases now that you’re aware of the wound, and it keeps getting worse.

If Jack had control over fire element then it wouldn’t be “hot flash of light” but actual fire*. And in Ch.5 he’d be detected as a source of Fire and Earth chi, not just the latter?

*) like, whenever MC uses their fire element it’s flames, fireballs and burning the shit down even with the most basic handle on it.

Mc will also need music to go with the training montage.


@cultivator-anon My last post just got me thinking during the tournament will we be able to


The bug where we buy the recipe but can’t produce pill was solved?

Also besides when we join the sect and at the market, do we get any other chances to steal something? As a monkey, it’s naturally a good stat of mine.

And usually the seal to raise stats last all the fight for example? Or it’s only until the next action?

From my own experimentation, it’s neither dependent on whether there’s a fight nor does it expire on a subsequent action. The way I understand it is that there are ‘flags’ dropped around a chapter which represent how much in-game time has passed. So whenever you pass one, your current buff will expire.
If anybody has done some code-diving and noticed something relating to this, feel free to expand on it and/or correct me.

Oh, yes. In fact, one of the later instances leads to one of funnier moments/monologues in the game.

Everyone is talking about Wolf yokai and Kitsune Yokai but Bovine Yokai + Trapper Background + Wild Potential is seriously so Over powered if you focus on Athletics and Insight. I had full Athletics and Insight, 4 Survival and Stealth and 5 Cores in Power, Agility while wearing weighted clothing, and Soul with 6 in Fortitude. I never failed a Check expect for the lore one and deception one. And all this before leaving for the tournament. Its Natural Technique also gives you a +1 for survival and +1 for fortitude. Its OP and people don’t know because everyone wants to play like a cool wolf or Kitsune or demon.


Kitsune is cooler, you gain hypnosis powers, and with good organization, you can pass all the stats checks without any problems


Female bovine also needs a bigger bra lol


I think there’s like 1-2 checks in the game at the moment that require more than 2 points in a skill to pass, so it’s not so much overpowered but quite pointless. Of course it might become more useful down the road, but by then you’ll likely be able to raise the skills further.

Female bovine MC does get couple custom events/text variants, though.


To be fair, some checks give rewards of (skill rank * [some number]), off the top of my head athletics is one and gives 3 more AP per Athletics at the storm gate if you beat up Fang. I’ll try to include more like that so people who maxed one skill still have a chance to use it without gatekeeping content behind rank 4 or 5 skill checks (yet).


No but Athletics also helps with Fight choices along with insight and Perception. I cant think of anything else.

I have a question: if two individuals from different species decide to have a child, what species will that child be?

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