(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

Interesting xianxia wip. The cliff at the end though is painful.

Ah I had added a blocker so you didn’t minmax too hard (in Big Chu’s training, it comes off later), but hadn’t considered if someone had…“unusual Heavenly blessings.”

I’ll go add a cheat-friendly line so you can continue =p


Screenshotted this reply to look at when writing. :smiling_face:


Can someone give me a guide on stats and skills? Basically on how these stats play specifically in the game and how many can you focus on? Like for example, can you have your MC be good at Blacksmithing, Athletic, Handseals, Lore, Perceptionsm Fortitude, Souls, etc or can you only focus around 3-5 stats?

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Your father’s Skill Guide is currently the only thing that works in the Journal section (lots of cut content to reach Halloween deadline) and it describes how they work. You can honestly focus on quite a few, 1 rank is enough early on and 2 is enough for most checks so far. I think by the end of your Skill gains in chapter 1&2 you can have enough to have 2 ranks in 5-6 skills. I have a few difficulty 3 checks in the game and the later Chapters will have more, but they’ll also have ways to make up for it or raise your skills (slower).


Started as a girl, yet it worked only for one page. My character’s father still calls her a son and gender variables are a bit wonky.

dad, i'm a girl

Do some of these stats synergizes with each other like Lore + Craft, Lore + Alchemy and Alchemy + Survival + Perception or do they all work on their own way? Like, if I want to be a good crafter, would I need Crafts + Lore + Insight + Perception or would I just need Craft?

Hah! Keep an eye out for more of those, I added gendered variables about 100k words in so I’m not surprised I missed a spot. Will be fixed in the next update. @Zarkrai you’d mostly just need Craft. In the next few chapters I’m working on you’ll gain access to more resources so Crafts and Handseals will see more fun.


Is Lore a social stats like Persuasion and Deception?

Not particularly, it’s a mix of mystical and mundane knowledge.


If you focus on Craft and you decide to craft a weapon and you also have some skills in Handseals, can you use Handseals to put some enchantments on the weapon you crafted?

I’d have to fiddle with choicescript more to make an in-depth crafting system like that but I like the idea of it. I’ll see what can be added when you get to the Trials. Do note that Craft also covers using these objects which I only now realize I need to implement more. So operating a siege weapon or a massive ship, any complex creation, would be craft. For the current WIP neither uses come up but it’s something to keep in mind for later game/the system.




You could add an event (maybe early on like in Childhood) where your MC can decide to craft a weapon of their choosing and use it as the first test for a combo of Craft + Handseals. It could start off as you needing at least 1 in both of the skills as the bare minimum to craft and enchant your weapon but the quality of it will change for them separately. For example, let’s say I have 2 Craft and 1 Handseals. The weapon I crafted will be of a higher quality than normal but the amount of enchantments and quality plus strength of it will be normal or less because your Handseals is too low for more options, while if it was the other way around, the weapon you craft will be of normal quality but the amount and quality of enchantments you can put on your weapon will increase because of your 2 Handseals stat. And obviously if you have 2 in each, then the weapon you craft and enchant will not only be really good but you might even unlock some kind of unique bond with your weapon that makes it even stronger and where you have a chance to even form some kind of Spiritual Link with your weapon so not only can you summon it like Thor’s Mjolnir but it becomes a Growth type weapon that gets stronger as you get stronger. If you wanted to change the type of your weapon then you can either buy a new one (though you’ll suffer some backlash if you decide to sever your bond), spend some time and Shards using your Crafting and Handseals skills to change the form of it or just pay/convince someone to do it for you. If you decided to not focus on crafting related stuffs, then you can just pay/convince someone to craft a weapon for you provided you have enough Shards though you won’t be able to unlock the Bond option with your weapon unless you used it enough times in battle.

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This is really well written! I am impressed. Also damn, Shrinemaiden Mina is crazy in bed huh!! Surged all my cores!

Also focusing on soul makes checks so much easier! Dunno what its like to focus on other cores but I love it.


It’s been a fun romp! Feels very Hyuga-inspired, but that’s not a bad thing in the slightest. My nitpicks are all down below under spoilers.

typos and gender woes

I think lily is supposed to be written with one l.

My character is a girl.

And this is supposed to be eligible, I think.

mysteriously multiplying bandits

My character is very alchemy and non-combat focused. Kosuke killed four bandits himself, and then we executed the burning pile of shit plan. This went well, but it has lead to some very weird moments with imprisoned bandit when I took him to the city for justice.

just good moments

It’s totally going to matter, right? Or is that too much of a Russian mindset to constantly tackle with the forbidden art of bureaucracy?

I love these two little shits.


Kosuke’s dynamic with my girl is also pretty damn good. They’re fun together.

Oh, also! There’s a running theme in the book where the names aren’t separated from the rest of the sentence. It goes like this:

“I really like you kid”, “Matriarch Wu this is not your place to interfere” or, in one of my screens, “I love you losers”. I think in all of those examples “kid”, “Matriarch Wu” and “losers” should be separated with “,”.


Wow, I just finished the demo and it’s absolutely amazing :star_struck::star_struck:

Appears out of no where

Posts long demo with 3+ chapters

It’s peak


Who are the ROs? Also these portraits I’ve seen so far are good!


Worth it😎