(WIP) Aura Clash [305k Words (466k Patreon) | Eastern Fantasy | Adventure | Martial Arts]

I have learnt my lesson of never taking people by they personality and what they show me, it is still suprising no matter what angle I look at it even if all angles are sexy, Lenora bangle pulling the strings indirectly at that Ebikowa incident all just to get Crow Li what kind of Dio brando shit is this


I think it was answered before but is there going to be any race-specific moves or power ups? A monkey Yokai going full Oozaru would be fun.

Also small suggestion: Maybe a small bonus or extra line if you’re a monkey Yokai and pick a staff as your weapon? Similar to how you can get a bonus if you’re from a blacksmith family and pick the Sword bloodline?


There are 3 possibilities:

Leona is indeed the culprit and the true manipulator and she’s just faking it from the start that she’s a psycho

There might be someone else pulling strings and used Leona as a pawn for their plans. Consider how she’s not favored among the Sunbringers disciples, I think this might be the case. Either internal and external forces are involved or both.

Last is Leona is a psycho but a manipulative one and is crazy but smart at the same time. Also she could be a yandere that wants us all for herself. (crazy theory but I know, everything is possible at this point. And this is Leona we’re talking about. No one knows exactly how insane she could be.)


If she wants MC all for herself, she can just ask… as if she doesn’t already own MC :smirk: (Leona-mancers MC, that is, otherwise she seems very supportive of the MC’s romantic pursuit *flashback to when my F!MC devours Kousuke in front of the general public while Leona hollered “Get it girl!” in the background. That was precious af)

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She actually would be supportive of you about kissing Kosuke even when you are romancing her. Heck it actually raises her relationship stats with you if you do it in front of her.


What. The. ???
Damn, I know she’s crazy but not that crazy :sweat_smile:
It makes one wonder what regard she holds to our relationship?
So I guess that also negates the ‘Leona wants MC all to herself’ theory, isn’t it? Since she seems so open and unbothered, unless it’s some kind of a bug in the code???
Sigh. I’m confused.

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She also may just be acting opportunistic and just thought “The leaders dead. I help kill him and am in the same sect so I’m the one in charge now.” You know, you kill it you bought it.

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I like the theory that they came to Leona and said “you’re the next leader of the clan” and she said “that sounds like fun, I’ll take it” (it’s already been established that she’s a crazy woman who only seeks thrills, so I don’t see how a master of manipulation)


Not before brutally king a load of people for no reason than to show off his strength andJack already has those tendencies all he needs is the right amount of failure and struggle and you have all the Ingredients for turn from a tweener to a full heel

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There’s no need to kinkshame, some people just like to watch.


Oh how I long for the next public update.


Until the next patreon update, so maybe september?

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Man, why didn’t I discover this game sooner? We definitely need more games like this (Cultivation is Peak if written properly). It’s been a while since I’ve had this much fun reading a work in progress. The things the main character does when you play as an evil asshole would make even the funny mustache man blush (especially banging the shrine maiden and almost dying) 10/10 game.



Yall anon just wants family time, why do yall keep finding bugs


Family time? Sleep? Standing? What are those things? - anon 2024


Spoiler for both series.

Who would win?

  • Poma MC (Golden Seed, All Talents and Perks, Flesh Worm, Peak Houtian, Unlimited Qi, Qi Infused, Demon Breakout)
  • Aura Clash MC( All Styles and Elementals Mastered, Jade Dragon Foundation, Last Dream Available, All Weapons, Death Curse Available, Empowered by Heavenly Gate)
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Is that even remotely fair?


What you mean?

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That there’s going to be clear bias depending on the place you post it