[WIP] Arcadie: Second-Born (Demo updated: Oct 13)

Yes to both.

Both :slight_smile:

The Politics skill is supposed to be Politics + tactical; but I might revamp it down the line, as I want both swordsmanship and politics to be equally useful but in different ways.

Do you have an example of a choice where you were confused at what was being affected?



This is one of the interactions with C

I…suppose i am ( would this be stoic or serious?)
Because you re an asset to the kingdom( kinda confused on which stats will this increase or not)

Oh and also i notice that if i chose a choice that doesn’t go well with my character the bar didn’t decrease that much! That’s nice actually, since i sometimes get frustrated pressing the wrong choices because of my lack of understanding in english :sweat_smile:

Perhaps you can use the traditional way, “charisma” and “intelligence” ?

Oh dont force me to make that decision lol. I love Charisma way too much

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I personally am in favor of keeping stats the way they are. Makes the politics stat potentially more useful and it makes sense that the MC wouldn’t be able to entirely ignore a military education even if swordplay was put on the back burner. Sure you can read books about history and politics but gotta read books on these campaigns first!


Basically what @Jeeshadow1 said. Plus, I personally think that it’s actually very refreshing to have something different then “traditional skill set”, especially considering that the current one fits well to the story and main character. Also removing the tactical element from politics, would potentially make it rather “weak” if you are not playing more “pacifist-oriented route”. :woman_shrugging:


I also haven’t had any issues with the stats as they are, but some other stories include the “description” of what certain stats mean, so that might be a middle-ground? At least for politics, swordsmanship (although that one’s pretty self-explanatory), and aether (mastery?).


Gonna agree that changing the stats when we haven’t gotten enough of an “in action” sample from what’s available in the story so far seems a little rushed. That sort of decision is better made a little further down the line when the author’s managed to make enough headway into the main plot for us to see the whys and wherefores that were planned. We do have a sizable demo already, but there’s a few things I’d want to learn about the main plot before critiquing the current layout of the stats too much.

Probably the only thing I think would make sense from a ‘tweaking’ standpoint is a small adjustment to the starting stats you get from the “Aether studies” option. My reasoning is a little convoluted without a better understanding of the in-world lore, however, so I’m not against hearing a “no” from Sofia if it comes to that.

The thing Sofia's 1000% allowed to say no to:

Because of Aether’s “rarity” according to the Arcadie royal family–outside of select nobles, and trusted scholars who would have had a better opportunity to study the Aetheric mastery of the royal family up close with permission from its wielders–it is a very safe assumption to make that the bulk of the source material the MC would draw knowledge from would be primarily penned directly by past generations of the Arcadie royal lineage.

I don’t have to mince words here; the perspectives in those words left to future generations of Arcadie royalty would be biased, and even politically charged if it wasn’t condensed to a bland textbook with no extra details muddling it. What I’m getting at is that the MC’s “Politics” stat (through generations of ancestral diaries of knowledge) could probably be higher than it starts when a player chooses “Aether studies” over the other options.

So far as things have gone at this point… It isn’t a big deal if the stats as they start currently don’t change. It just occurs to me as a curiosity more than anything else that the source materials wouldn’t be as much about honest to goodness Aetheric know-how, as it is political gripes from 100+ years ago. The diaries of higher nobles can be downright salty when it’s in a private context. :rofl:

Anyway, I look forward to future developments if there’s a huge thing I don’t know about Aether in general from the world-lore’s perspective. :smiley:


Yeah but I rather felt comfortable playing the “Tyrion Lannister” archetype.

Generally in such settings in literature the academic studies available to members of nobility(those who were portrayed as clever) included both of these topics without needing to specialize in one or the other.

I believe it’s actually a rather sound making stat system rather than the usual “intelligence” stat where your MC is a polymath and polyglot