(WiP) A game about fighting in an arena


I haven’t done a lot on it. Just the intro where you choose your name and all that. It’s my first game so I’m looking for criticism and advice.



it look promising but its to short to judge so waiting for more to see how it goes also kind off a bummer that we didn’t fight the unicorn.

ps: give the game a name even if its temporarily makes it easier to remember.


@djma46 Haha yeah, don’t worry you will fight Unicorn eventually. It’s 1.24 am where I am so I’m going to sleep but tomorrow (technically today) I’ll work on it some more and update it.


So far i like what you so far I’m really interested to see what happens next


You need some work on the fluency at the start, you use “You” way too many times in a row to start a sentence. I personally think you should do some work on that aswell


It’s a good start, certainly, but I can’t offer any proper criticisms before you post more.


Although, the warrior names. They are terrible. Just saying that now.


@Eternalfire Thanks for the advice. I’ll fix that up.


@Derpy Any name suggestions?







War horse

I don’t know if these are any good lol


@Derpy Just to make sure, are you talking about your warrior name or Unicorn and Decapitator?


Player warrior name.

Unicorn is pretty funny.


It appears this game is no longer in development. I’m closing the thread unless the author requests it to be reopened.

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