(WIP)-(3rd Book) - Equia: Age of Gods(07/04 - Chapter 1 start)

Thanks, glad you’ve enjoyed it.


Hey bro I know your busy with stuff but I wanna know, when will you be able to update Equia book 3?

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I work based on demand I see, my stuff on CoG has never been that sought after. My visual novels take priority, I have thousands of downloads and interest in them, whereas to here…I’d say I’m not even close nor I’ll ever be.

On top of that, be aware that people support the production of my Visual Novels where here that never happened. And when someone pays for something, they want something in return. It would be unprofessional and crappy of me not to deliver it to them.

CoG has strict policies regarding Patreon etc, and truth be told I’ve poured months of my time here writing and I don’t live based on air and water alone. Of course many will read this now and say, ah he is in it just for money. Hardly, simply a realistic state of things. I am simply avoiding having the need to debate and enter in any sort of conflict with CoG staff here etc. If something is worse for any developer or author of anything is when their work is not rewarded and doesn’t need to be a materialistic reward.

But I’ve always felt like I’m not doing good here just because you can’t pick a damn hair color and character name, people are quick to disregard stories just due to limited amount of choices for character creation.

When I’ve read the first Harry Potter book, I didn’t disregard it because I couldn’t change Harry Potters name or change his hair color, I’ve read it due to the story. :man_shrugging: But now that’s something entirely different, so I won’t debate or enter into that too much.

But here I am rambling again, so I’ll cut this short.

What I write here is provided for free. But as that is how it is, that also means I won’t prioritize these books over my visual novel games.

Time may vary depending on my other work. It’s not that I couldn’t update it by now, It’s simply that I deemed 2,500 words of content is not enough to satisfy the people who DO READ my things. Because they’re used on me being a maniac in terms of typing and amount of words I put out there.

So to avoid disappointing anyone, I didn’t update yet. My plan was to update when I hit a minimum of 5,000 words in Chapter 1.

But bottom point is, relax. I won’t abandon a single project I have here…and I’ll finish em all. Updates are not as frequent as they were before due to my lack of motivation, and my motivation is granted to me by readers and interest shown.

If I don’t see enough interest and the single person asking, of course, I won’t write that fast. We all have something that motivates us, for me it was always feedback and people reading, which I never had that much.

Not to disregard current readers, of course, I’ve mentioned that many times, and to repeat it again, thank YOU and everyone else who reads these, cause that’s pretty much what keeps me writing.

Update, update, give me a day or two. I should manage in that time amount based on the schedule I have going now.

That’s the best I can promise. :slight_smile:


Take your time no need to rush,
But if I am not rude can I ask where can I find your other works like the visual novels you mentioned

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Glad to hear there has been progress on this.
My personal wandering thoughts.

Quick thought, I’ve been trying to see how we could possibly beat our father after the disaster that was our last fight with him, and so far the only way I’ve figured (other than a literal god just making him cease to exist, that felt like cheating by the way) would be Zazkor making a new artifact for us. I also think I might have picked up on a pattern: First and foremost we’re a wizard, secondly we’re a warrior, Thirdly we’re a king. First artifact was originally a wizard staff, Second artifact is a sword, I’m hoping the third artifact will be a crown (possibly give us insight into whatever we have to face, like maybe inform us how to kill our father)

Look forward to seeing how you figure out/decide how to solve the problem facing us (dang it, Trinog’s and my identity have already merged in our mind, and now we’re writing everything in possessive plural! Ahh! Help!)

Best to go with my discord for that, I’ve sent you link.


There are methods. Originally one individual was never meant to hold more than one artifact of Zazkor.

Zazkor created those during first ages, but they were scattered across Equia and meant to be used by “heroic individuals”.

They have drawbacks, hence they were not meant to be used by a single person. Also Trinog’s father also has one.

Trinog can use multiple ones due to his origins, origins that shouldn’t be possible in normal case. But with absence of gods, things that wouldn’t otherwise happen, happened.

But I’d rather not say more, I’ll spoil stuff.


Ah I see. Thanks for the info @Mystic_CRO much appreciated. I’ll keep my questions to a minimum from here on out until the next update.

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Alright, I’ve been trying to upload the update to dashingdon for past twenty minutes and I’m having issues with it. So at this point, you can find the Chapter 1 start on mega.nz link I’ll provide.

As usual, download it open the file with a browser and happy reading!

Chapter 1: Age of Gods Start


Just read the new chapter. I love your work. You have an amazing eye for perception and general design. Keep up the good work and stay safe


Thanks for the positive feedback, and glad to hear you’ve enjoyed reading it.

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