(WIP)-(3rd Book) - Equia: Age of Gods(07/04 - Chapter 1 start)


“People change, and love is easily switched by lingering hate in your heart…”

Welcome back to the world of Equia, continue your journey in 3rd book of Equia series. Prologue is currently available.


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Equia: Age of Gods

Latest Updates
  • 17/3 - Uploaded to Dashingdon, Prologue available.

  • 7/4 - Chapter 1 Start Update


This game may contain mature themes, mentionings of nudity, tobacco usage and so on. You’ve been warned. Read according to your own wishes.

As always, feedback appreciated and welcome.


What this to past books slash games

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1st Book: Equia: Artifacts of Zazkor
2nd Book: Equia: The Forbidden Kingdom

@Mystic_CRO Looking good as always. I love and appreciate your work.

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Thanks for reading.


The king has returned!!


Yay a third book


And 4th, and then 5th and 6th and so on. :crazy_face:


where can i buy it i can’t find it in the Play Store

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If you look up at the thread’s name, it has the acronym WIP in the title. This means it is a Work-In-Progress and thus has not been submitted to Hosted Games, and therefore will not be for sale on any online markets like the Play or App Stores.

In the first post of WIPs there is usually a link somewhere to the dashingdon upload of the game for people to play through, as is the case for this game:

And this is usually the case for all threads tagged with #hosted-games:works-in-progress.


thanks for the explanation :smiley:


Can’t wait to find out where you are going with this. All hail King Trinog Dragonhold.


Hard to say, I tend to be unpredictable even to myself when writing stuff. But on a good side lack of imagination and ideas is not the problem I have.


-looks at title of name of the book-o.o seing as in last book it was called age of dragons or something like that ,i take it in this book its all about Trinog Dragonhold and the other gods since hes already met one of them.

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The Forbidden Kingdom was sequel, and no it’s not just about that. But there’s a lot of it. There’s still war with demons on going etc.

Honestly, there’s a lot of stuff. Though I don’t think they will stick too long around, but not to spoil things I’ll shut it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bro your first and second book are absolutely amazballs!!! They had me so into it. I even tried to predicted the outcome of events but ha I was wrong 90% of the time. Just amazing bro! Love the story!

And I say again, amazballs bro. Truly.

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Thanks, glad you’re enjoying them…

As for predicting the outcomes of events, that’s difficult because not even I can do that. I can write but then suddenly change everything suddenly in middle of it.

So I am somewhat unpredictable even to myself, there are times where I will hint at things but at some times I won’t do it at all, depends really.

For example how it was with Luviel, no one expected she was a total bitcBEEP!

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Lol yea that totally caught me off guard. I was piss at myself for believing that she was a nice person. Boy was i wrong. Puts everything in perspective and also never judge a book by its cover.

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Great storytelling, I really enjoyed first two books,but I feel like choices we make don’t really affect outcome and please add some sort of save system if u can.

Glad to hear so, and easy you’ll get there. I’m more focused on world-building, etc. You will hit that point eventually.

Yeayy😲 i like it so much😍
Great works there!

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