Winter of the Bovine [3/5 Chapters, 34k words]



Got it. So full, human-like mental process, and able to speak with all other non-human animals. I guess I call that “moderately anthropomorphic” since it’s more Jungle Book but not to over-the-top Zootopia levels.


Exactly. You’re also able to understand humans, though they can’t understand you.


Also do Add more creative choices to make the game exiciting.


So you’re saying those choices are uncreative and dull? XD


No but your approach is avant garde.
mean we should we able to have calves , maybe escape from the farmhouse, Able to explore the fiction world

Btw- the game already appears exiciting on the
paper , these are just mine suggestion, the creative control is upto you


Oh, of course. There will be coyote attacks, abuse from farmers, break outs from the farm, etc. And one of the main characters is a calf.


Are the humans there all cruel or there are some nice ones too that can adopt you later


… This may just be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life :astonished:


Welp. Color me morbidly curious.


@Samuel_H_Young, you can thank me for nudging @Avery_Moore and @Redthegamr in your thread’s direction!


One of the endings is called Sanctuary. :innocent:

Thanks :smiley: wait til you see the demo.


Thanks @Eric_Moser!

Btw, what would you call the genre of a story like this, where everything is realistic aside from the animals being slightly more intelligent and able to speak English to each other? An allegory/fable/something else?



Is it wrong for me to want to see a cow court where criminally accused cows are brought before the Cow Queen and King, and if found guilty, they are sentenced to “go to market”? :hushed:


U wut xD

(20 characters)


I hope one of the endings is Animal Farm-esque.


That’s so funny, I was just thinking about Animal Farm when I read @Carlos.R’s comment.


Yeah, WotB is largely inspired by Chicken Run and a bit by Animal Farm.

Animal Farm has a very compelling ending, and there will be some similarities between the two stories, but my three planned endings will be a lot different. All of them will be bittersweet but not in that same way.


For anyone who is not familiar with Animal Farm:




All Hail Napoleon!!!


It’s funny, I named one of the cows Snowball and didn’t even remember that Animal Farm had Snowball as a main character until I reread its summary today.

Oh yeah, and you can go away, by the way. I have a strict “one strike and you’re out” policy for trolls. :ok_hand::v: