Winter of the Bovine [3/5 Chapters, 34k words]



Can I play this game while eating a steak? I really want to immerse myself.




Sounds quite moooooving.


I just completed and submitted The Magician’s Burden. Now, onto Winter of the Bovine!


Relevant. 12963785_10208260302098761_2514911978434132611_n


I’m actually suspecting that this cow MC is a descendant from an unicorn. And that it has the amazing superpowers to be invisible.

The cow’s secret trump card:

The Cow-MOO-flage


I could go for a steak right about now…


Actually cows can be scary at times. This is what I tell people when they have a go at me for swimming out where the sharks potentially are

Edit: I do actually know someone almost killed by one. I’m guessing your cows aren’t going on an attack spree though?


Yeah, with billions of cows killed a year, they’re bound to kill a couple humans back. One good kick could kill you, but they’re originally gentle and sweet.


You were already ninja’d by another unoriginal troll, buddy. You got this, though. I believe in you. You can do it.


Would it be possible to get a good ending though? In real life your ending will be getting killed and later sold as steaks…


Yeah, there will be good endings. That’s why I’m writing the story.


Because the only beef Samuel H Young intends to enjoy is the kind you have with other people. A dish best served burned, I suppose.


Beefs are awful for you, but they are incredibly delicious.


Wait, if we play as a cow then the game is gender-locked right?


Jesus, I haven’t even posted the demo yet and all the trolls are swarming. Have some self control, please.

Yes, it will be the first gender-locked female CoG.


To be fair, I don’t think punnery is quite the same as actual trolling, such as the steak comment. I have no interest in attacking your vegan nature or what strikes me as a very unique and potentially engaging WIP. I am just hoping that someone will feel my attempts at humor are well done. But sadly, such accolades are rare indeed.


Oh, I don’t mean you or @fay. You’re just being silly. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean all the “steak” comments solely intended to rile me up. I know it’s inevitable but I assumed people would at least wait until the link was up.


@hustlertwo made an honest misteak. I hope @Samuel_H_Young can be mooved to forgive him. I know that steak jokes raise red flags for vegans (and Hindus), but I would urge @Samuel_H_Young to ruminate on the issue before there’s a beef over some bullshit. Sometimes we just need to grab life by the horns and milk it for all it’s worth, you know?

Anyway. I am udderly horrified by the disregard for one anothers’ feelings shown in this thread. Perhaps we should hold an icebreaker and socialize some? We could even get matching team Jerseys, so as to stand out from the cud-chewing herd.


In other news, I’ll likely be finishing Chapter 1/6 of WotB tonight, which amounted to 10k. It looks like I’ll be posting the full beta within the next three months or so.