Winners of CSComp 2017


First I would like thank everybody that took part in this from judges who worked hard, the sponsors, and @Fiogan that helped so much to make this happen this year. And of course all that entered.
Due to real life I am behind this year on all the info but I wanted to at least put up the winners for this year, over the next few day I will update this with the game links and sponsor s winners. Thanks
Ok here is the list so far:
4th place - adrao - Birth of a Superhero
Main Score= 236

2nd place - aprilhare - Invasive Species
Main Score= 270
Sponsor wins
Best Character Development
Best relationship(s)
Strongest dialogue

3rd place - Chaoseed - Last Masque
Main Score= 238

1st place - Jacic - Abysm’s Veil
Main Score= 287

Lucid - Ghostly Masquerade
Main Score= 197

Lycoris – Zeitnot
Main Score= 225
Sponsor win
Rough Diamond

M_D_M - Raison dÊtre Survivors
Main Score= 154

Mayday - You recall but don’t remember
Main Score= 227
Sponsor win

NeoHeartless - Honest Trails
Main Score= 235

Shawn_Patrick_Read - Harvest Time
Main Score= 174

Lordirish Presents the 5th Annual CScomp

Well congrats to ALL who finished a game in that time; that’s something I could NEVER do. You all are awesome.

And to @Jacic in particular, well done! What a fabulous score! We need to update Starship’s “About” section to include this :trophy:

Edited to add: I am admittedly excited to see who won the Best Dialogue prize!


I am going to tackle the sponsor scores hopefully here in a few hours sorry for the delay.


Dave you are a huge asset to the community for doing this. I will buy you a beer (or three) at Imaginarium.


I look forward to reading the other stories. And of course, I look forward to doing better next year. :slight_smile:


Wow… I got 4th place!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So happy, I didn’t expect anything, as my story was really rushed towards the end… but, congrats to all that won, and obviously to @Jacic in particular! I’m a big fan of her writing, so hope this acts as a huge incentive to see more work on her WIPs! (and, as @Eric_Moser said, we could update the info on starshipadventures to reflect this!!)

But, once again this year, thanks so much to @Lordirish for organising this wonderful competition. I echo @Eric_Moser, I know it must be lots of work, but a great incentive to produce lots of work (in a quick outburst!). Also, thanks to the judges!


Yes you killed it too! The Starship folks really brought their A game for this! :rocket:


Congradualations all, wonderful entries from everyone.


Ok have updated the sponsored winners. And wow @aprilhare killed it this year with four of five Categories.

Edit: Will be adding the links here shortly, I will be holding off on Jacic’ s peice as there is and updated polished piece that needs to be uploaded.


I still can’t believe it. I went away and came back and read it again to be sure. Thank you, that’s amazing!

Big thank you to @Lordirish for organising this, the judges for taking the time to judge them all, and the sponsors for supporting it. It was a great incentive to make the time to write. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has written :slight_smile:


Holy whoa, I’m definitely interested in reading @aprilhare’s story, now.

@Lordirish Thank you as ever, for the contest this year. I really look forward to next year. I didn’t realize that the last change I’d made before submitting, adding ‘content here is not yet finished’ type messages, broke the game. I wonder if I could just fix that one thing so the game doesn’t break, before the link for mine is posted? I have an incomplete game, but I’d feel better if people can play a functional game.


No problem, I have glitch with the server right now but if you want you can email the scene files to me. But will hold off on a link for game until then.


Ack one of my judges has accidently changed all my link info on the judges score sheet. This is going to take a bit longer then expected as I now have manually track each link down on the server and need to go in and make sure all the feedback is correct. This may take a day or so as I am back in the truck and doing this all by phone sorry all.


Need to make a correction rough diamond win goes to @Lycoris

Edit: Going to get some much needed sleep and after putting in my 14 hrs tomorrow will tackle the links then feedback. Once I have all this will be getting with winners to setup so they can start getting there prize money. :smile:


Uhhh I’m so psyched and surprised?? I should prob wait till I’m off my phone and not tired af but I just wanted to say WOW. I think this made my week. Literally can’t wait to read the other stories and the judges’ critiques of my work :heart:

Congrats for winning @Jacic!


congrats @Jacic @adrao and everyone else!! XD

EDIT : i have no intention to ignore the other winner, i espescially mention both of them above coz i took part with playtesting their game :wink:


Whoa, @aprilhare, :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada: CONGRATS!!! :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada: Holy cow, you placed 2nd and literally nailed it with the categories, I’m dying to know what you wrote :wink:

Of course, @Jacic @Chaoseed, @adrao , congratulations to all of you too! :smile: I bet you’ve done a wonderful work, and I can’t wait to play your games :grin:


well done everybody who took part this year! Congratulations :thumbsup:


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


Congratulations to everybody who participated!!

And a special congratulations to @adrao, @aprilhare (also- wow- way to go with the categories!!), @Chaoseed, and @Jacic !!!