Wild West Vampire Hunter?



Hey y’all. I’m working on a game right now (dragon showing) but I like to have a couple projects to work on at a time so I was doing some brainstorming and I’m pretty jazzed tow write it: female (or very feminine male) wild west vampire hunter? So basically all the normal cowboy things, drama, duels, etc, plus cowboy vampires.

Update: I’m going to be able to get the first draft and possibly have the closed beta ready by the first week of october.
(The reason I’m putting this here is because the way I can get things done is through public embarrassment, and if you all want this done and up by the first week of october, I’m going to try to get this done by the first week of october.)


That sounds pretty dang cool.


I’d throw down money for that game in a heartbeat!


That sounds really fun.


Just out of curiosity of curiosity, why a feminine male? Why not just make a normal male/female dynamic?


Everything gets better when you throw in Cowboys or Vampires or Spaceships. You have two of three so you got me with the concept.

Also happy to hear that the female MC option is certain. The number of games that had a great concepts but ended up being gender-locked male is depressing for me.


They need to look female to lure in the vampires, but I still want to give the player a moderate gender choice.
The vampires they’re hunting are generally male, and also generally straight so a female or female looking person will have a better chance of drawing them out. The main character, no matter the gender, won’t just be the bait though, they’re also the actual hunter. The other two in their party are a tracker and their supplier. (He supplies guns, vampire wards, stakes, etc.) However, if there is a situation (which there might be) where the vampire is not straight or is not male, the supplier might have to be the bait.

I think that, unless someone has an issue with it, no matter the gender the MC would be referred to with female pronouns, because you can never tell when a vampires around and you certainly don’t want them finding out your bait isn’t something they’d be interested in.


I myself (sort of, it’s complicated) am female so that’s always an option in my games.


Hey, I’m kinda working on a similar story, but with other monsters. Supernatural westerns are ace. :ok_hand:


Cowboy vampires…? OMG YES


Sp much yes, especially because of my love for alternate fantasy ideas and girly-guys.


I would totally play this


Colour me interested. Though I would be interested to know what other sorts of features you would like to include. Like romance? Or like… romance? I swear I had more to ask about but my brain kinda flatlined… I slept literally all day so my head feels a bit spacey, forgive me.


I was thinking mostly murder, but some romance with one of the two mc npcs would be fun.


I’ve started working, and for anyone interested, I’ve got the thee MC’s names. The player is Clara, regardless of gender, the supplies man is Samuel and the tracker is Kinta, a choctaw native american.


Is there a story relevant reason for the MC to have a preset name? Because namelocking is quite uncommon for this kind of games.


The story is about a specific character. I might change that as I go along, though. Nothing is set in stone.


Well, all stories are about a specific character, but the advantage of interactive fiction is that it can give you tools to stretch those specifics to fit a wider audience to identify with the character.

How preset will the MC be? I guess at least to some degree, with preset past and stuff, but how important is the name specifically? Is it just an aliase they use and not their real name? Has it any meaning for the character’s past?

Also, will the player only be able to choose actions and paths or can they have an influence on the MCs personality too? Basically about what do you plan to give agency to the players?


Straight vampires. Now I’ve seen everything.


The game is more about the story, but the player will be able to choose the MC’s overall personality with the choices they make. And yes, the name is an aliase.