Why the heck


Anyone notice all topics I make get closed? I’m just trying to make people able to chat about other stuff when games don’t get updated…


They don’t close all the threads you start. They just closed two. I think it is just because you start so many so quickly.


Actually, I was wondering about the same thing. Why was the jokes corner thread closed down? That was pretty legit, unless my national traits jokes offended the mods…

It didn’t harm anyone, and was a good source for laughs.


Maybe one of the mods closed it by accident?


I doubt that,they must have seen it as just a short lived thing then closed it.


The issue, as I understand it, is that if there’s a lot of silly off-topic threads, they end up cluttering the front page. It’s why roleplays aren’t allowed on the forum anymore; because they kept taking over the front page and pushing the games back down to the bottom.

Of course, what we really need is better forum software :frowning:


It was meeeeeeeeeeee
I did it with my void powers



Is there a worse forum software?


I doubt it in my phone even cant see the number of the pages or the category …


I can’t post here on some of the computers at my campus. Not all, just some.


Um, if there’s a moderator reading this, please tell us what we did wrong in the threads. It would save you a lot of work, and save us a lot of grief the next time our threads spin out of control.


Wasn’t me. @jasonstevanhill?


i thought we had some amazing coders here. if @dan…something (the creator of choicescript) can make choice script then why can’t he make a forum system?


I think it was out of fear that we wouldn’t be able to transfer the topics on here to any new forums.


I looked for all of @talons topics that where closed.Couldn’t find them and I even used my history


I told it already… I took them into the void…

But really its true. When i take it from my history i get an error… They are gone


Out of the many threads started by @Talon5505, only three have been closed that weren’t requested to be closed:


The first one deserved it, the second one, ehh, and the third also deserved it, no RPing.


When subjects are too far afield, I close or delete them.