Why not publish contest winners?

I don’t know if it’s already asked. I did search but couldn’t find any answers to why the top three of contest games were not published. I don’t know if it’s against the rules to ask this. But I find it very odd, the games that won the contest will the be published by some other platform? Are not complete? Because if the are than why not just publish them? Can somebody answer this?

PS. If it’s against the rules to ask such questions I request the kind moderators that please delete my post.


First of all, which contest are you talking about?

EDIT: Oh, yeah, if you’re talking about the ones from here, then MeltingPenguins is correct. I only asked because there are a few competitions on the internet that accept choicescript games with the condition that they cannot be published for profit.

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IIRC they’ll be published on next years line-up, while the other’s will be released (or already have been released) on HG

@Writing_Fever there’s been a writing contest a while back with the winners going to be released under the CoG label, compared to HG



I would love to check out some of their stories if you can provide a link?

Off the top of my head, I believe IFComp entries/winners cannot be used for profit. Here’s their archives: https://ifcomp.org/comp/2017

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I’m actually not sure that’s correct. I’ve seen ifcomp entries republished either as is, or lengthened out.


Can you kindly post their links for Android? On mobile phone it’s very inconvenient to read from the browser because when I like to read something I usually like to turn off mobile data so that I’m not disturbed by emails and/or WhatsApp msgs.

Scarlet Sails by @Felicity_Banks was originally an IF Comp game, and had lots of content added when it was released on Hosted Games.

Creatures Such As We by @Lglasser (also the author of The Sea Eternal) from Choice of Games was originally an IF Comp game too. My understanding is that you can sell an IF Comp game commercially, you just need to keep the version that was originally in the Comp available for free.

Edit: the free versions on the IF Comp site won’t be able to be downloaded on Android - you’d need to play them in the browser.


Ma’am I have almost all of the HG and COG titles already downloaded. Thanks for the reply :blush:

The CoG contest winners are still undergoing edits before they’re published (well I don’t know about Tale of Two Cranes but I assume it’s the same). My edits have been going slow because of RL problems.


I remember playing aegis project. It’s demo is still online? I am so looking forward to see it published… So, the hold up is because of editing than? My first thought was that to appear in contest the game must be complete and edited. Thanks a lot for replying. It’s so good to know, I guess aegis project will be published in 2019 line up somewhere in June or July?

Cheers mate :cherry_blossom:

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Yep HannahPS beat me too it. There’s three IFComp games I can think of that have been republished off the top of my head (but there could well be others.) Apart from Creatures such as we however, they either need an internet connection or are not free.

The IFComp version of Scarlet Sails is still up on Dashingdon’s if that’s any easier than the IFComp version on your mobile (but the HG version has a lot more content added to it so recommend you buy it if you like pirates and magic :slight_smile: )
Salt is another IFComp entry that turned up again here, but needs an active interent connection.


They’re being edited. The contest winners were announced in the summer, I think, at a point when we already had most of our 2018 lineup in place from June forward. So they’ll come out next year, when depends mostly on the authors completing their edits.