Why is rp so detested here?


Now, before I go any further, I realize that this is a place for people to showcase their work, discuss said works etc. I also know this is a place of business as well. That aside, this site, as I said before, is one for writers to essentially showcase their material and such. In my opinion, rp is just freeform storytelling, and it helps people develop their writing as well. I remember I once posted a topic about an active rp, seeing if anyone wanted to join in. I received a slew of no’s and various, though minor negative comments. So, I ask this… What’s so bad about rp?


Oh, and that discussion I had made about the rp, it got closed with a swiftness. I just wanted to know why rp is disliked so much here.


I only know that before i joined forum it was so many rp than the games pages are not to be being in first pages so they don’t allow more rp here


What Mara said. Back when I was a mere lurker, there were so many RP threads that they took up most of the main page, making it difficult to see actual user made games. I know that this frustrated me, who mostly uses a phone to browse this page, having to keep scrolling to find something relevant.

One of the mods can probably give you a better answer, but I think I covered the basics


Even though RP is banned, the Off Topic Thread has the most discussions in it after Choice Script Help and Works in Progress. How ironic.


Well, it could’ve at least been more controlled, instead of outright banned. I do understand COG’s reasoning for this. Though I’ve written some amazing stuff myself doing storyline rp.


Mainly it’s because people want to play betas and discuss games. But hey that’s just my opinion



it is just like @WolfieGrey said rp threads dominated the forum and it was mainly the same few people doing it. Another forum was started for rps but it got to a point when the first page was 90% rp threads.


I hate posting with Android


@TheDragon, Everyone is right. I am still new here (including my SmartKid ID), but there where a lot of RPs. I remember RPs where you had to continue stories and other things

@darkstar2101, I remember a time when I triple posted and earned the title, “Triple Post Killer”. LoL. Ah the Memories.



Should be a bit obvious, though most of everyone on here loves a good RP, it’s not detested just not allowed for good reasons. I dont really understand most of the forum rules, or remotely understand the mod’s reasonings 95% of the time, but I do understand the no RP rule most clearly out of all the other rules. It’s because CoG would turn into a RP forum and it’s purpose would be deluded and we would have unwanted people on the forum promoting RPs instead of CoGs.

I also remember it I believe, I didnt think it was an rp but more of a freeform story being created, and even if it was RP it was more relevant than a certain ‘game’ that wasnt even really related to CoG was being played and that wasnt closed, which kinda made me shake my head in disapproval.


I alway thought of this idea…A limited number at a time ,but that will need an rpg with an end which most don’t, so I don’t really think an RP will be easy to do BUT this idea will work just, without people joining most of the time, use the ‘Conversations’ in the inbox to rp


I think the disconnect is the purpose of these forums in the business owners opinions and the purpose of the forum in your opinion. Not sure why you think the purpose of the forum is to elevate writers’ skills and showcase their material.


'Cause this has a concise answer, I’ll go ahead and answer. The reason we banned RPs is not because we dislike them. I remember something about CoG being involved in hosting a LARP, and most gamer writers (which most of us are) usually have some connection with Pen and Paper RPGs. Most of us actually enjoy RPing and other such things.

The reason we don’t allow them here is solely because the forum system we are using does not make it possible to have truly segregated subheadings, and, without separating them out, the RP threads took over the entire forum. (I remember when it hit that peak there was a solid page of RP threads before anything else.) This has two major downsides:

  1. The mods have a lot more to go through. To some extent we could add more mods, or just say ‘hey don’t RP if you’re not gonna handle it maturely’, but that still ends up with us cleaning up a lot more mess. Annoying, but tolerable in it’s own right. However, there’s also…

  2. The fact that it detracts from the purpose of the forums, which is, in short, ‘to develop a community where people can show case their work using CS’. Now, you can say ‘hey, it’s just gonna be in the off-topic section, so just click one of the categories, and you won’t see them’. Now, that holds some merit, except you’re missing one of the larger points of the purpose of the forums, which is the first four words of what I said is the purpose up there, ‘to develop a community…’ which means first impressions. What is the first impression when you open the forums, and it’s a wall of RP threads? So yea, that detracts from the purpose of the forums.

Now, you can argue about ‘if only two/three were allowed,’ or such things. The problem is that those ideas usually fall apart. The idea of setting such rules is predicated on people knowing and following them. Out of the number of time that Jason’s posted for a beta, with the phrase ‘you know how this works’, or something like it, how many times has someone still asked how to get into the beta? The rule of which are in the conversation that is always at the top of the forum, and are highlighted with a “1 new” to draw your attention until you actually read them if you’re signed in? Yes, it’s the few ruining it for the many. It’s unfortunate that it works like that, but it does. Now you could also argue that we could do it if we used a different forum software, and you know what I’d say about that? Yea, you’re right.


Oh and I forgot to add this to the limit of rp because I am not new to this…IT FAILS FAST! Though this is my opinion of how to deal with it…Take it somewhere else where it is made for rps


@2Ton That’s a very valid point

@Reaperoa I agree, if something is distracting folk from something I’ve made, and it’s a money maker for me, even if I like the particular activity,.object or whatever, I’d ban it as well.

Either way, thanks for all the feedback guys, I thought rp was disliked here or something.

Oh, and one more question, for @Reaperoa That would be great if COG changed their forum software, but they’re pretty busy, and it probably isn’t a priority, assuming they are even planning on doing so. See, I can’t get the story I can’t get the story I was working on up on the site, so I thought it’d be cool to rp, then remembered that it was banned.


@TheDragon They plan to swap the forum software in the future, but the particular replacement software they have their eyes on hasn’t been commercially released yet - so it could be a while.


Ahh, I gotcha. Thanks for the info.