Why do some WIP's close in 14 days and others close by 21?


Hello. The question is in the description. My WIP, The Oval Office : Latest Update - 5 December 2017 was limited to only 14 days. Assuming I’m healthy enough to continue posting, why do some others get 21 days, while mine only gets 14? (By the way, mine is the only one I’ve seen that says that it will close in 14 days)


My guess would be it depends on the user’s trust level?


@RETowers might be able to adjust how many days need to pass before your thread automatically locks? I think the original timer was set to 14 days, but 21 days seemed to work out better overall.


Either I’m blind or they changed the rules recently because I can no longer find the official thread where it stated the limit for innactivity was 14 days. I clearly remember it saying any we shouldn’t reply to WIP threads that have been innactive for more than 14 days because this would bump them to the front page, where all the active and new threads are. Anyone who did so was supposed to get flagged so a moderator could take notice and close the thread.


Nope still same rules. On the Keep It Tidy section of CoG guidelines it still says;

Don’t post no-content replies. (This includes “BUMP”ing dead threads.)
Unless you’re the author, don’t post in WIP threads that are dormant for more than two weeks or so.


Ah, there it is! Thank you for noticing that, apparently I’m blind today.

Just because a thread goes over the aforementioned date doesn’t mean it will be automatically shut down. I think. I honestly have no idea if they added an automatic system in the meanwhile. In the past, a thread would get closed when a moderator was notified of the infraction (the person in question got flagged) but sometimes threads didn’t get any new activity till much later, could have been 14 days later or several months. If your trust level determines when a thread is closed I think its something that should be added to the rules, just to avoid confusion.


Maybe the auto close is a feature to lessen the possibly of dormant threads getting revived and a less hassle way for the mods so they don’t get the usual;

“Can a mod close this thread? Cuz that person blah blah blah the WIP and the author is MIA.”


well, none of the official @moderators have replied so I guess it’ll remain a secret. @RETowers was mentioned but hasn’t replied, so I STILL don’t have a clue as to why this is. By all means, if I can help it, my thread will NEVER reach the 14 day time limit, I’m just wondering how come my thread ONLY gets 14.


I have seen brand new WIP’s that have been automatically bumped to 21 days. By users with less than two or so months of membership. I have no idea.


If this is the case, why do I see 21 day timers for others? Like I said before, it seems like mine is the ONLY one with a 14 day timer. I’ll give a MILLION bitcoins if someone else can point to another example of a 14 day timer.


Spyder, the moderators are not here to serve you. They’re not here at your beck and call.

Chill out.


My apologies, I don’t mean to intrude on your time or anything. It’s just that I’m asking a question and no one seems to know the answer. Who can I turn to now? I don’t mean to offend by calling the mods on this, but someone else already tagged a mod and she didn’t answer. It’s not as if it is an easily found solution. Only you guys have the power to set the time limits and what else can I do?

Once again, not to be an as*hole, but I have no clue for why it is what it is, and my prerogative is to look for a solution.

And still no answer. From anyone.


You really do need to calm down Spyder, you’re not being singled out, it’s an automated function of the boards. My guess is it has to do with when your WIP was created, at one point they were not auto-closed, then they were 14d and now they seem to be 21d. You’d need to find a WIP created at the same time as yours that is still active to check it.
If not, it’s probably just a glitch. It’s not a big deal, if it closes, just ask for it to be reopened.


This is correct.

If it bothers you a lot @Spyder - you can close your current thread down and open a new one for your WiP and it should be 21 day auto-close.

Basic housekeeping chores are chores for everyone, whether they are at home or on the forums.


Ezz mah bruh. If you really need the answer right away, you know you can mention the moderator group and have them notified, isn’t it? Whoever that tinkers the forum settings will be notified right away.

Or if you feel this topic is something personal, you can always send a message to the “@moderator + s”

Otherwise, I feel someone had to tell it to your face.

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I’m closing this thread because “dogpiling” doesn’t help the situation.