Why aren't we funding this?


Solar FREAKIN’ panels!


We are funding this. I think there are like 52 roads that have already been converted in the US.


Progress, Muthafuckaaa! But it should be like this everywhere ^^


That looks pretty cool. Also too good to be true… but definitely worth researching.

This looks pretty good too.


it’s not being funded for a few reasons primary being the mainline energy companies would nail any government backers to the wall by pulling funding from them(thus forcing things to go private backing) it is true this would provide a lot of jobs but it could kill a lot of jobs too and that would also back up the roadways during construction
and it could be hacked probably not easily but it could be none the less…that being said im still all for solar roadways but think its probly going to at best make it to some side roads and parking lots


Darn greedy corporations :confused:

Wow, that’s awesome!


Yeah, I can see some serious problems with the whole configurable LED thing. One hacker could completely screw up entire swathes of roadway all my themselves. Something it’d take hundreds of people hundreds of hours to do with normal roads.


I’d think there’d be brilliant minds behind it, preventing hackers from breaking through.


It’s not nearly that simple Sam. Yeah there would be people working to built defenses for it, but if any sufficiently skilled hacker was sufficiently determined it wouldn’t be enough to stop them.

And as Drakeye has said, this will never take off so long as people who make tons of money off the current energy sources still exist.


Hey, I just thought this was a good idea. I’m not the CEO of it or anything xD


I’m not saying it isn’t a good idea. Just that the sociopathic greed of those with the power to stop it will stop it.


well in some area its getting a little bit of steam just not on highways mostly small roads and parking lots the highways and major roads will take a lot of major funding and most places are keeping a 10 foot pole between them and this project when it comes to serious implementation…this will probably be a big hit in environmentally conscious places like California


Very good point. I’m sure there are many who would, just because.


Just because: the most sensible argument ever devised.


I’ve found that people don’t need a reason to stunt progress and make things worse for others xD so sad.


Everyone has a reason for everything. Whether that’s a desire for attention or anything else, if someone does something they have some sort of motivation to do so.


@Samuel_H_Young, beats my idea of placing nuclear reactors under roadways


Fine: “a valid reason”

Indeed it does xDDD


Valid is an entirely conditional term that is defined by opinions, especially when applied to something such as the thought processes of the human mind. Or rather, in this scenario, the thought processes of theoretical individuals who, while intelligent enough to hack into and cause serious, lasting harm to solar roadways which have barely begun to be implemented on a mass scale, are apparently incapable of creating “valid” reasons for their actions.


Oh, don’t we all love semantics? Btw, what I meant by “don’t need a reason” is that they’d basically create their own reason. They’re opportunists.