Why are there so many HGs genderlocked to male?


I apologize for the same.
And yeah. Being able to choose thankfully IS the norm here.
But still, i believe one of the points was that there is a number of genderlocks where it’s… let’s say weird that there’s no choice.


It’s ok I’d say you were coming off Mostly as stressed and annoyed. But we’re all here because we love these stories. We’re passionate about reading them. Becoming the characters within. Writing them. We shouldn’t forget that.


No it’s 109% not happening for The MC…or am I wrong?


I don’t really have a problem with them one way or the other, if I’m going to be completely honest. But I do think that there is something to the idea that there is one gender locked female game and if not a plethora, at least a sizeable handful of gender locked male games. I think it has to do with how maleness and masculinity are seen as default. It’s hard for people to see women as do-ers or in an action oriented situation (which a fair few cogs and hgs happen to be in). It’s not so much based on reality as it is based on the past few decades or so of human experience most people have been privy to.

My own personal opinion though, I really don’t think that fantasy games based on certain time periods have an excuse for not allowing female characters. Making a game in which women are relegated to one thing while men change the course of history/whatever is a choice they make when they make the game. They don’t have to make it that way if they don’t want to. Whether they do it for aesthetic reasons or because they don’t feel confident in making a female character or it’s more difficult to code past the aesthetic reason or even (worst case scenario) just don’t like women and find them the inferior sex, it is a choice.


That’s fair. Certainly not every example of a gender locked game is one where it’s necessary. I should have made that more clear in my posts. I’m merely trying to defend the creative option in where it does work, at least in my opinion.


I think it’s not just saying it’s a fantasy setting. I think it’s usually something else like “You are a proud and upstanding member of the order of no girls allowed”… Pick your gender. Like the upcoming Lords of infinity. Technically if you were female it’d be Lady of Infinity. Again if it’s just about being a soldier or something historically women have pretended to be men to fight for ages heck Mulan is about that exactly. So it’s not impossible. Just depends how rigidly set your characters background is.


Are you? go read the Guns Infinity thread, and that it is an NPC or MC does not matter because either way it 100% already happened that a female passes as a male in the cannon and so it is entirely possible to be either an NPC or MC. This is the point.

That series is genderlocked, now but may not be in the future and even if it is, it doesn’t “have” to be. This is the crux of the matter, this is what is the truth and this is why that series is criticizable for being genderlocked.


I’d love to see my protagonist be actually a female. And as Samurai of Hyuga has shown Mulans do exist. But ultimately character backstory is the major issue when combined with setting.


I mean that’s fine but it was a decision to make the Order of No Girls Allowed. Unless it’s something strictly historical (and once again ignoring that it’s still possible to be a woman pretending to be a man to be in the Order of No Girls Allowed), then it was still a choice to make a game that excludes the option of being a woman.


I love you Eiwynn but telling someone to read the largest thread on the site for one specific post is asking too much I think.


I’ve only recently managed to read through every single post on that thread. Only the fact that it was consistently interesting kept it from being as much of a trial to read as Atlas Shrugged.


A simple search limited to the thread for “female soldier” yields this post in the top ten:

Maybe this will prompt others to look for the entire discussion.

ps: am glad to see you too @Lotus :two_hearts:


I’ve always wanted to see how a masculine MC could have differing effects on character and/or plot compared to a feminine MC, giving gender choice meaning beyond a pointless aesthetic that has no significance to the world building (outside of romance I suppose).

Could be writing a well realized female character is difficult if based off a male character template or maybe its just easier to code without gender choice.


I’d actually argue that there is a very specific reason why it has to be, and in a way, it plays into why I’m planning a follow-up series where the player is genderlocked female.

That being said, I’ve made my opinion on genderlocking a couple of times, and I find the argument that “there’s no point in discussing attitudes and interactions with [marginalised group], just make them playable” in that context to be especially wrong-headed.

In a power fantasy, where the narrative exists for the edification of the player, there’s no reason not to let the player character be as representative of their ideal self as possible (except for really narrow stylistic exceptions. One of my brainstorms right now is how to get a Choice of Broadsides style gender dynamic going on without adhering strictly to the gender binary). On the other hand, some stories are told to make a point, and those points can only be made with the intersection of privileged and marginalised positions.

The Dragoon Saga’s intersection is that of gender/class privilege and racial/geopolitical marginalisation tied closely to certain historical analogues. Theoretically, I could genderflip the entire setting and maintain those intersections, except not only would I have to abandon a lot of those connections to our own world and replace them with societal expectations and norms I’d have to make up out of whole cloth (which is not my forte, being a historian by training) but it’d also lessen the impact of the story I’m trying to tell, especially since those connections with our world are things I want to make very clear in the minds of the readers.

In a sense, “why don’t you just make all the men women?” while flippantly disregarding the implications as they apply to the themes I’m trying to work with is equivalent to “why don’t you just make all the Tierrans white?”

And if you know me at all, you’d know why that offends me so damn much.


The follow-up has us playing the Lord’s daughter doesn’t it?


Why does it matter? All we are playing are imaginary characters.


Isn’t the universe just playing imaginary characters that are us?



I understand. What I was arguing against was the impossibility of gender choice from the erroneous assumption that a female could not pass as a soldier within the Infinityverse. (@GenecoInheritor’s argument)


Hell, if gender was my only consideration, I would have made the MC a Takaran infantrywoman.

But then I’d be writing a critique of “white feminism”, not of imperialism and mainstream postcolonialism


Oh was that my argument and line of thinking thanks for informing me I was unaware of it.