Why Are There No Other Games Based On The 18th Century?


Why are there no other games like Guns of Infinity? No 18th century based games about fighting. I hoped there would be another game based on the 18th century when in battles, men used muskets and (personally) i loved those kinds of stuff. Volleys of muskets firing, cavalry charging, cannons exploding, stuff like that.

I would love to see a game made that is based on the 18th century, i dont care if it is about court intrigue or about war. I want a game that is like the 18th century(if it still isnt obvious). If you are a author and you are thinking about making a game based on the 18th century, please please please! Watch War&Peace, i promise you! Its a good movie.

War&Peace is a good show, it features war and a man being manipulated by his relative. I cant explain how much i loved it, i recommend you watch the show because it is GOOD! (oh and please put down a good movie based on the 18th century if you found one :slight_smile:)


I believe Trials of the Thief-Taker and Cannonfire Concerto are set in the 1700s.


Choice of the pirate is pseudo-17th/18th century.
Eagle’s heir is early 19th century.


I played thief taker, i didnt like it very much. :frowning:


That’s not really a big area of interest for me but these are the ones (apart from what’s already listed) I can think of that might fit.
Haven’t read it, but does Machinations: Fog of War fit that kind of thing? (Always had it in my head it was a steampunk-ish 17-18th century but as I said haven’t read it and ages since I looked at the demo so can’t remember).
Again, haven’t read it but I think study in steampunk is set in an alternate 18th century (But maybe check with someone who’s read it. Gets good reviews though).
Clockwork army is set in 18th-ish century alternate Australia, but probably not what you’re after from the description.
Anyone know when showdown at willow creek or Tin star are set?- Again more western than you’re probably looking for though.
Maybe choice of broadsides (only one on this list apart from clockwork I’ve read). That one’s free so if you haven’t seen it yet, maybe give it a try.


I’d guess it took place in 1850s or highier.


Post civil war so probably 1870s


Choice of Broadsides is a naval version.


I would love to play a Three Musketeers-like Story. Dueling, making fun of the enemy etc.


Thats interesting, i would also like to play a story like that. :slight_smile:


A WiP game that might be close to what you are looking for is @Goshman’s The Golden Throne, but that is currently in an hiatus and is more 19th century (though War and Peace kinda set in the Napoleonic Wars so that’s technically 19th century) .

I’ll list down some European Wars occurring in the 18th century if it’ll sate your curiosity. These include -the War of Spanish Succession (1702-1714)
-the Great Northern War (1700-21)
-the War of Austrian Succession (1740-8) which is linked into the Seven Years War (1756-63, more known as the French and Indian War to North Americans) via the Silesian Wars (1st and 2nd were fought in the War of Austrian Succession and the 3rd was pretty much the Seven Years War)
-the American Revolution (1775-83)
-French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802), which is tied into the Napoleonic Wars (1803-15).

There are of course many other wars during the period inside and outside Europe but I unfortunately don’t remember or know them well.

And then there are the wars the 19th century with somewhat reliable breechloaders starting to appear around the mid 1800’s. But maybe I’ll stop here for now, because I’m not sure if that’s what you want though it fulfills pretty much all your criteria since even the 17th century fulfills it.


I forgot about the movies. From the top my head there is Barry Lyndon which is set in the Seven Years War, and there’s a joint NATO-Soviet production of the Battle of Waterloo. Master and Commander is there if you want to satisfy your naval thirst.


Sabers of infinity and its sequel Guns of infinity are about 18th century warfare. And the third book Lords of infinity that has not been released. Will be about politics in that time period as well.


The 18th century wasn’t an egalitarian time, to paint an authentic picture might cause some notable dissonance between the modern reader’s feelings and the 18th century world and characters of the story.

Eagles Heir is a fairly good game but very much more fantasy than alternate history.

Guns of Infinity is great though, it really gives an authentic historical feel bringing its world to life as its own autonomous unit outside the player’s will combined with low-tone fantasy.


This doesn’t seem like a polite way to ask if there are any more games like Sabres of Infinity imo… Kinda like “Why aren’t there any games about ponies? I want to read about ponies!” See? It already sounds ridiculous.
I mean it’s okay to ask if there are any games like the one you enjoyed to play and it’s a whole other thing to ask it the way you did, the answers could be: no other author feelt like writing about that setting or they are still working on it either way don’t you think it would just be better to leave them to write what they want to write about?


To answer your question literally, it’s mostly because Choicescript is a niche platform, which contains a smaller percentage of writers/coders. Of them, only a certain subset are interested in history, of which only a certain subset are interested in the 18th century…Of which only a certain subset are going to write to that historical piece. Of which, only a certain subset make it to publication.

The fact that you do have a few recommendations to choose from is actually kinda neat, when looking at it from that angle. (And there will indicative that there will probably be more alternate histories down the line; this is certainly a good platform for them.)

I don’t have any to add, and I’m not much of a movie buff but… my general advice is that, if none of the recs tickle your fancy, you make your own story. It’s not the easy solution, but it’s the most productive one.


I’d probably make one, probably since i likely wont have the time and my
Computer broke 6 months ago i think i “can” but it most likely would not be
either long or good since like i said, i wont have the time. :frowning_face:


You have a point.
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What would you have preferred from the setting?