Why are some Choice of Games Sold on Steam and some WIPs free here?

Why are the choice of games sold on Steam if they are entirely free to play here, what is the difference?

I am mostly curious why I spend 388 euros on a bundle that’s apparently entirely free online.


Most games posted on the forum are still unfinished. They’re posted so we writers could get some meaningful feedback from the readers.
Majority of the writers conduct a private testing after reaching a certain point in the story, meaning the link uploaded on the site wouldn’t be updated anymore.

And while there are some who would opt for a public beta, the game at that point would still be unpolished and might be riddled with errors. The link, I think, gets removed after the finalization.

If that’s the case, I guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself. A lot of people still buy the games even when the complete version has been posted before, just as a little support to the author. Writers would still need to earn money from that game, after all.

You could just buy the games individually if there are only selected ones you wish to play. The range of the stories are quite diverse, so if you’re the type who has a particular taste, that might be a better option, since there might be games that wouldn’t interest you. Would be less costly, too.


You can’t play any of those games free on here. Once the beta ends and they release, the free demo version goes away, having served its purpose. And if you’re talking about the Choice of Games bundle specifically instead of Hosted Games, most of those were never public demos anyhow. The majority of CoG titles have a private beta phase rather than a public one that you have to specifically request to join.


Brother I agree with you. Why we can’t play any of those games free on here.

What games are you talking about?


The question have been answered by the top two post. It’s save to assume that the question have been answered.