Why all the Dead Political WIP


just wondering, why are there so many dead political WIPs


At a guess, it’sbecause politics is such a hot-button topic right now.


I’m assuming it’s because politics is a conversational topic to talk about. You can’t really make a political wip without some arguments in the thread.


That is quite true, especially when there is all this stuff going on with the Russians, Brexit, Donald Trump and North Korea.


Because writing about politics is extremely difficult and mentally demanding, even during periods in history when thinking about politics doesn’t make you want to put your head through a wall.


Actually, unless the thread is closed, I doubt that the WIPS died off because of controversy in the game. More likely the threads died for the same reason a lot of WIPs die… The author stopped writing them. :yum:


Historical politics is even better at making you want to put your head through a wall, trust me