Who's Your Hero?


Codename: Aegis
Romanced Black Magic (who looks like Beyonce).
Legend 100.
Became the first Millennia City Hero of Tomorrow Resident Protector.
Sidekick: Tarana Rain.



Real Name: Cal Silver
Straight, Male
Code Name:Oblivion
I played all three games.
At the end I was in a relationship with Lucky (Isabella Smith) and was the leader of the millennial group.

Stats. Intitially wanted Justice over Fame but to become a symbol for powered rights I interacted with cameras a lot and ended up with 46% Fame and 54% Justice.

Lawless 15% and Lawful 85%
Offensive 40% and Defensive 60%
Soloist 18% and Team Player 82%
Unleash 46% Control 54%
Feared 13% Revered 87%
Revenge 8% Ideals 92%
Freedom 80% Security 20%

I really enjoyed this game and can’t wait to play the second season where you play as a new hero although of course I saved so Oblivion will show up! :heart:

Edit: Just Realised I could upload photos.


I was never very good at making up a character to represent myself…so I ended up being weird when I played. See…my character is Son Goku. Yes. From Dragon Ball Z. His codename is his Saiyan name, Kakarot. And Black Magic looks like Bulma. And Lucky’s name is “Chi-Chi Smith”…I did everything I could to make it as AU Dragon Ball as possible. I even played Goku like he was in the show, to some extent, which sadly ended up with some wishy washy stats by the end, but eh.

It’s actually really fun to imagine an aftermath to the trilogy, bringing in actual Dragon Ball elements like the Saiyans, and Freeza. Maybe one day I’ll sit down and type it all up, for fun.


Name:Aleksa Destiny
Codename:Dread Hour
Male and Straight
MeChip:Butler named Bobo
Ring lyrc: though fire and flames
Hero Lvl:98 or something i forgot
MC was infulenced by wispers in his head to do questionable things that would make you facepalm
I pretty much ignored fame in prodigy and project but in herofall i kinda felt i need it to win.
Romanced BM in prodgy but when she dumped me in a freakin reallity show (really hate those things) i said to myself:screw her,but still didnt vote for her or lucky.
In the herofall i romanced prodigal cuz no better romance then rival romance.