Who's watching FIFA world cup right now?


But…but…it was supposed to come home…This is Brexit all over again.


turns out the only thing coming home was there team :slightly_smiling_face:


To be expected really; I think the number of people who truly expected England to make it to the final, even in the last week, weren’t as many as they seemed. I admit I would have liked a France-England final.

Though this England team did manage to make a largely cynical country actually believe in them, and draw in so many people who’d otherwise be disinterested. Figure that’s part of the meaning behind “Three Lions”, anyhow: “…That England’s gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away. But I know they can play…”

Well they sort of did with those chances in the first half, but there is actually optimism about this time despite the defeat, or so it seems.


I really enjoyed it all the same :slight_smile: . Went to a bar with a meetup group, so was a great atmosphere, and was mental in town, loads of people and police horses. And think a good few of them agreed they’re a young team, but they still did really good this year. Oh and first group/meetup group I’ve been to except my visually impared group for ages. Been avoiding them due to my name legally being Fay now, and not sure everyone in the groups would be ok about it. But went great :smiley: . So yeah it was a real disappointment, but at least I got a great night out of it :stuck_out_tongue: …And wait this means England will play Belgium again to see who comes third or what not right? That should be a really good match :slight_smile: .


Well, aller les bleus ! If Deschamps doesn’t mess it all up again. Griezman on the bench, same with Giroud. Fékir and Thauvin instead. Switch Matuidi for Tolisso.


… yeah, that’s not happening. :expressionless:


ItS cOmInG hOmE!!!



I know. But hey… on peut toujours espérer :sob:


I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Winning exactly 20 years after our last win would be nice, but hey, we’re in finals for the first time since 2006. At the very least, it’s a good excuse to go out to a bar and have a fun time.




If you think Deschamps messed up during this WC (if you don’t count the first game), I’m not sure you watched the games. The real strength of this French team is its adaptability and its cohesion. And this strength comes mostly from one man, Deschamps.
You can see that when you look at the three games they had in the elimination rounds, in which they never played the same way. Each time France gameplan was an absolute match for the team they were facing.
And if you think that Griezmann and Giroud should be on the bench, why not, but ask yourself this. Would France really could have beaten Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium with two players that didn’t play their part ? Considering the changes you propose, I assume you think their offensive role was limited, and true, Grizou hasn’t been as ethal as one could have hoped, and Giroud hans’t scored a goal. But Griezmann understand perfectly how to defend (and even motivated Pogba to do so almost correctly, I don’t know if Paul can continue like that but if he does he will be near unstoppable)., how to set the pace of a game to suit our needs. And Giroud, while not being as decisive as he was during Euro, is still a massive pain in the ass of the opposite center backs, and allows Mbappe to have the sides of the pitch all to himself.
So, even if you don’t like how the team plays, can you really say that DD messed up ? Even if he managed to reach two consecutive finals ? Croatia will be a real challenge, like the rest of the teams we faced, but as of now France is the favorite (you got to own it if it’s truen, or you’re just being falsly modest), and that is thanks to DD.


Nice photo of Harry Kane coming home with the golden boot. :wink:


When will get the update?


Bit sad about England being out but at least we get a chance for reven- ahem, a rematch with Belgium tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Supporting France tomorrow since I have some French friends and they’ve done well this year.


4-2 to France at the moment and it’s 70 minutes in.
This is getting very interesting… wonder if Croatia can catch up to them in the time remaining.


Welp, that’s it. France wins the world cup.


Great game, but man… this referee did a poorly game.


Wow 4-1 and what a weird world cup final. Also let’s face it that second goal for Croatia is a freebie so it doesnt count.


CHAMPIONS DU MONDE !!! :laughing:


Congratulations to France! =)