Who's watching FIFA world cup right now?


It had all been absorb by Fellaini’s hair …his hair can nest all the bombs :wink:

but Belgium seems to be driven by the force of Red Devils, i can count at least 3 of them… Lukaku, Fellaini and Januzaj ( he has a buy back clause )


Hey hey… England Won and into the quarter final :smile:

Finally they won a penalty shoot out …


It’s coming home! :fireworks::purple_heart:


That’ the final proof this WC is actually from a weird alternate dimension where the rules of Football-As-We-Know-It don’t apply. :no_mouth:


England have won 2 of 8 penalty shootouts - both against Spanish speaking sides. Spain were the first in Euro '96 (remember Pearce’s celebration?).

England have been insanely lucky this year and the team is average at best. Superstar Kane has scored 6 goals: 3 of them penalties and one a fluke where the ball deflected off the back of his foot. So just two proper goals.

The only good team we’ve played were Belgium, and we lost.

Still, if we’re ever going to replicate 1966, this is the year to do it.


I would think the world of football had been cleansed from the Evil and Corrupted old regime … Hence football these day is much more fair :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…i certainly think the VAR is a progressive improvement , so that there is no more injustice like the fable “Hand of God”. take that Diego Maradona, i don’t even understand how he is a so called legend

Well… England rotate 8 players then, but you are right…this year is England best chance to win the world cup :slight_smile:

But Sweden is good…


ENGLAND WON ON PENALTIES. i think one could make Fun Game with player choosing matches results and then getting show word reactions and reddit posts etc. A Humorous fun game.


Eeeeh. It’s a work in progress. At the very least, I have my doubts whether Infantino is really much better than Blatter.

Well, because a cheat he might have been, he was also crazy good - the other goal he scored in that same match was pretty impressive.


They are a young side so a lot of room to grow and they are having to deal with a lot of man handling in the box and unsportsmanlike behaviour from the opposition. Re: Harry Kane yes most of his goals has been from set pieces and one was a fluke deflection he still has hit the back of the net. A goal is a goal I think most fans would agree a wonder shot is good but a scrappy goal can still win the match.


Agreed, they are a young team and this tournament could be 4 years too early. All I’m saying is that we haven’t done anything impressive yet.

On paper a WC quarter-final sounds great. The hype is completely unwarranted though. The two games we won were against minnows (the last time we played Tunisia, we beat them 2-0. This time, 2-1. Panama are perhaps the least experienced team in the world cup). We lost to Belgium and while we rotated our team, so did they. We also only beat Colombia by the luck of a penalty shootout (although we were the better team in the game).

With just Sweden and Russia/Croatia between us and the final, anything is possible. And yes, I’ll support them to the end. However, any victory will be a nice surprise rather than the levels of expectation shown by Shearer and Lineker. ‘It’s coming home’ has been a mantra for 22 years and we’re still waiting.


Looks like it might come home lads, if the Hurricane goes on…
(Anyone got that ?)


Yeah I agree… Infantino’s smile does look more genuine than Blatter though :slight_smile:

Yeah…definitely , winning the world cup at Russia is a very Big Surprise :wink:
Sweden did survive the group with Germany though, and Germany was lucky to beat them then

Let see… Harry Kane ?? He just need 3 more goals to be better than the 1st Ronaldo …


Hey guys, can you do me a favour and give a good reason why I should stop wishing for something bad to happen to Maradona ?


Despite the foolish things he says and does, he’s still a human being. Wishing ill on anyone is not a nice thing to do.


Maybe, of course you could have swallowed the pride and just not comment on the England v Colombia, saying England ‘robbed’ them. Like come on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the match cause it was late where I am and I mistimed my sleep, making me miss the match, but what I gather, Colombia weren’t playing nice and whether criticism they gave the referee, it could have been a lot worse. I see no reason why there’s bias to England when they literally don’t ask for BS like that. I am a fan and I am also wary of their progress, but this is ridiculous and does not help anyone.


Columbia fans have started a petition to replay the match…

Over 250,000 people have signed it…


Honestly i already notice Columbia’s “cheaters” mentality since their match vs Japan, their players used their " butt" to hit every opponents and fake it as if they were the one being foul…

what i “displease” most ( the nicest term i could use ) is that those robbers and cheaters pretend to be victims and cry out loud when they are the one commit foul play …


Croatia beat England…

Crushed :disappointed:


france x croatia on finals, :joy:


Aaaw, I kind of hoped for a France-England finale.

Well, as a French supporter, still pretty happy so far. Now to finish the job - 2006 and 2016 were really frustrating.