Who's watching FIFA world cup right now?


if germany advance in 2 place and take brazil, will be a nice revanchism history


As a French, I’m not as optimisitc as some of you guys concerning out chances. During our first match, our so called stars were awful especially Dembele and Mbappe. Griezmann was nowhere to be found but his usual acolyte was on the bench and that may have thrown him off his game. Luckily Giroud came in and the difference was obvious.

As for the other favorites, mine remains Spain. Granted it’s the first matches, but among the favorites they are the only ones that did not desappoint. Portugal owes the draw to a weak De Gea and to a freaking alien. Spain (and Isco :heart_eyes:) were on top of their game, and even the loss of Lopetegui didn’t seem like it was a real problem.

Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Portugal were really desappointing. Well tbf I love the Iceland team, and even if on paper they are weaker than Croatia and Argentina, they took the first place of qualifiying rounds to Croatia. So I’m not counting them out yet and the draw did not come as a total surprise to me (unlike Germany and Brazil’s results)
Brazil despite their domination in first half, really let the ball drop, against Switzerland. They underestimated them, and let’s not talk about Neymar. Gosh sometimes he can be great but most if the times I can’t stand the sight of him.
Portugal was not on the same level as Spain, were it not for CR7.
As for Germany… Well they did face off with a team that used a new type of preparation. Apparently it worked quite well for Mexico :sweat_smile:

Unsurprisingly, Belgium made quick work of a much weaker team. We’ll have to wait their confrontation against England.


Seems like Lady Luck finally smiles on England, and according to record… Harry Kane is the first England player who scores twice in a world cup since Gary Lineker … and that year apparently was England’s greatest achievement since 1966…

So this can be England’s year , i think England will reach the final facing Brazil for the World Cup :wink:

Disagree with this statement , Cristiano Ronaldo is the LeBron James of football… there is an internet viral with the headline " LeBron James 1 Vs 5, Yip Mun 1 Vs 10, and C Ronaldo 1 Vs 11 "…
I would think Portugal can emulate the same aura of Cleveland Cavaliers and reach at least the semi final :slight_smile:

With that there is no doubt in my mind who is better between C Ronaldo and L Messi, i am not even a Ronaldo supporter … But i think Cristiano Ronaldo is the undisputed best player in the world now

Edit : I forgot to mention the Serbia team , that is also a team with Joyful artistic display mainly due to Serge Milinkovic Savic the SMS , his touch and precision was simply artistic in the first match , while many chose to fall down with first contact… SMS simply hang on to the ball , sidestep his opponent and deliver some breathless touch, although i think he lacks some speed in his first match …he is more like a poetic musketeer in football field


Well, that was fast.

It’s like an endless cycle. Before the competition: “England is shit, and we shouldn’t expect anything of them!” -> After the first couple of matches: “Hey, we’re getting out of our group! England is actually awesome! We’re going to win this!” -> After first direct elimination match: “… never mind.”


Those Tunisians were a bunch of bullies during their match with England! Poor Harry Kane!


It seems like the referee you were complaining about is the same one from when England played Tunisia. He let the Tunisians shove Harry Kane around like he was the ball! (If Brazil played in Volgograd then it was most likely the same guy.)


Cleveland only got to the finals because of the bad competition they faced. I don’t know who Portugal may face after the group fase, but if they get a good, more organized team, then I don’t really think they can do it.
Same with Argentina, good player(s), bad team.


To be clear, I didn’t say that I don’t believe they can’t go far in the competition I ws saying that they were desappointing.
Even if Ronaldo developped a habit in the last two years of being transparent during 80 minutes of a game and save the day with 3 or four actions of high class (that fact showing that he is still the best player of his team, and just adapting to a weakening, while still monstruous, physique), I was expecting more from some of the others player, like Bernado and Guedes. And once again, even if the last minute goal was abslotutely crazy and showed that great player can rise up to the occasion and pressure, I don’t believe it’s enough to win the WC. I don’t believe that Ronaldo alone can win it, and I wa desppointed by the rest of the team, that’s all.

As for Savic I completly agree, he could really make the price for a sale skyrocket… It will depend on Serbia’s result against the two other team in the group of death… I feel like half the groups can pretend to that title now…


@MAppolo @LeBaloo

I agree with both your assessment about Cristiano , it will be interesting during the elimination round…

But somehow, it was Cristiano again who scored the winning goal against Morocco and Portugal simply defend that one goal advantage , rather boring for my opinion… I think Portugal’s strategy is just to wait out for one Ronaldo goal before they start defending till the end :slight_smile:


Yeah… and the so called VAR is also a “shady” application , it will only apply if the referee wants to apply it … pity Australia and perhaps South Korea for being officiated by a “fairer” referee who review the VAR out of self doubts… That’s why i would said England was lucky to get that winning goal in the end for being officiated by a “shady” referee , that Tunisia Penalty was way too soft …

Looking forward to Serbia vs Switzerland


I’m not watching, but I get alerts/notifications on my phone via the bbc sport app. So England won their first two games…against Tunisia and Panama…yeah, lets see how they do against a none-shit team. Still better than previous years unless I’m mistaken, but we’ll see…


I do not watch all the games, but only superficially follow the results. Teams are surprised at this championship, it seems to me that the recognized ministers underestimated their groupю


Wow… England Demolish Panama 6-0 with Harry Kane scoring the first hattrick and now the top scorers with 5 goals :slight_smile:

This is the strongest England team for a long long time … ironically both England and Belgium have the same goal scores and against , but most important is the 2nd round to see whether England can reach far ahead , worth notice is that England still has a secret weapon in Marcus Rashford :wink:

This had been a successful World Cup thus far with lots of goals, making it the most entertaining world cup …

However , i am disappointed with Lionel Messi… it is not about him failing to score but of his leadership quality , as captain Messi had done nothing to inspire or motivate his team … he just hide into his own shadow when things didn’t go his way and didn’t even exercise his captain responsibility to intervene an argument on the field , i wonder why Argentina chose him to be captain at all


The England V Panama referee should have been there when we played Tunisia. Seriously, the England V Tunisia referee was borderline incompetent, how many more free kicks we could have had…


Yeah agree… and i think the same referee gave Belgium a soft penalty .

But whoever opponent of England in the last-16 will be tough, Japan, Columbia and Senegal are all skillful and quick, i had watch them humiliated the so called European powerhouse of Poland … Poland are only good with slow paced game , same with Germany (Germany was lucky Sweden play the same pace like them) … Hence all those pacey teams will gave European teams a hard time, although i think both England and Belgium have fast players of their own as well


I got to say, I’m loving how this World Cup has been going. Argentina, Portugal and now Spain knocked out of the Last 16, this has got to be the most unpredictable World Cup in a long time.


At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Japan ended up taking the Cup home. :laughing:

But I’m still devastated about Portugal :sob:


I am hoping they would. XD How good is Belgium? It seems every can happen.


France deserve to win with their breathless pace and technique, especially Kylian MPape…

Spain and Russian are determine by luck but seriously Spain should had attach more directly than continuing with tiki taka

Now awaiting England’s match with Columbia , potentially this can be England’s year … semi final between England and Russia will be interesting



It was a great match, Japan was leading 2-0 , but Belgium change tactic and send in the “catapult” Fellaini, well he is sort of the human catapult who Manchester United sent in when they need an all-in assault after they were trailing , same tactic used by Belgium …not surprising because Martinez had been a manager in EPL, he knows when to deploy Fellaini …

Still a good match , and both team did great … Belgium just had more tactical flexibility …


Why didn’t Japan use the spirit bomb? I gave them my energy