Who's watching FIFA world cup right now?


Well its… ME!!

#Love Football/ Soccer


France is gonna win altogether but for today I got russia


How many homes did they destroy to build their stadiums this time?


havent watched since the fiasco brazile vs france…

Ahhh the fun of living under a rock! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


or how many people will starve because of their money taken from them just to start building it ! Crazy world :DD


Not gonna be able to watch all games, although I think Brazil has quite a good chance of winning.
But I’l probably watch most of the games I can. Also, I have my eyes on that Belgium team, they look good, not enough to win, but to give some better teams trouble.


Spain had a good chance to win but after firing their manager 2 days before the first match their chances seem much lower now


Here is the highlight of the world cup opening ceremony for those who missed:


About the match itself it was pretty nice; Russians were very motivated and it was very interesting to watch. I had to do something when it was 2x0 and I was surprised when I learned that it ended 5x0!

This WC looks like its gonna be interesting; now I’m looking forward for our match against Switzerland.


You must be very fun at parties.


Mia San Mia, Germany is gonna do the repeat :de::de:


Me during the world cup


I’d definitely say France or Brazil will win it. Germany are certainly capable, but I don’t feel it for whatever reason. Belgium has the players but not the squad. And definitely not the right manager.

Supporting England, but I ain’t never gonna get it (not this time).


I wouldn’t underestimate Argentina. They lack team work but they have a shitload of stars. Maybe this one will be their third.


Well, they’re not off to a great start. Although Iceland is becoming used to produce heroic defensive performances (while still being able to slip one or two goals through).


Japan has the advantage of the bushido and generations of soccer manga. Im rooting for them, cause im a weeb.


Watched the Tunisia and England matched yesterday, the crowd was sleepy and so was I.


I’m Brazilian, so I have the moral obligation of watching our games on the world cup.

It has been a really unifying event for the people in my country. Everybody put their differences aside to complain about the referee in our match.


Switzerland are a good team though, and you put in a decent performance, Mr. Noodlehair aside. He was awful.


Don’t mind me as I steal your meme to send it to my football fanatic mother :slight_smile:


I’m still confident that Germany will make it far


Eh, as a german I hope they mess up. Löw brought an old, unmotivated team, it’d serve thfm right.