Who'd be interested in some good reading?


Hello all :smile:

I’m doing a bit of shameless plugging! It might require a slap or two, since I’m not too familiar with the rules around here within this forum. I’m sure a moderator will slap me a few if I’m doing wrong :smile:

With the modern Zombie genre I decided it was time for a change so I wrote a two book series about Zombie Dogs!

Yes, you heard correctly, Zombie Dogs (Interested?) I’m sure you are :slight_smile:

Why not wet your appetite and have a little look, take a peek into the (Read-Preview) at Amazon, and enjoy a taste of something new, unique and gruesome.

With five star reviews, it won’t disappoint :slight_smile:

It’ll be interesting to see who else here loves Zombie stories :slight_smile:

PS, you can check my books out here:


Zombie dogs. Well, that’s a new one.

@authorellie Are you planning on sticking around to comment on feedback and reviews made on this thread in case me and the other mods decide that such an advertisement is allowable? (We don’t generally allow advertisements/spam on this forum.)


Hey there Cecilla :smile: yes I am here to stay, stuck like glue :smile:

I’m in the process of reading through the many topics :smile:

Thanks Cecilia_Rosewood :smile:


Good to hear.

Some advise on forum functionality: You can tag someone by adding an @ before the name, and edit posts by clicking the pencil shaped icon you can find behind the three dots in the bottom right corner of your message.

Also, did you by any chance mean[quote=“authorellie, post:1, topic:19775”]
since I’m too familiar with the rules around here within this forum

Since you’re not too familiar with the forum rules?

Since you seem to be interested in zombies I’d recommend this topic:


This is where you can find the forum rules, by the way: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/faq


@authorellie - welcome to the forums and the community. I hope you eventually start your own CoG project; we can always use more successful stories.


ops yes it was meant to read (not) thanks for picking that up :smile: thanks for the tips and the links :smile:


Thanks @Eiwynn not sure if I will start my own CoG project so soon, but I’m all for partaking in the forums as much as humanly possible :smile: