Who whats to go dance with animails in space with me in other words hey i'm new here


I’m crazy with ADHD and proud of it well I found choice of games and I LOVE it choice of dragons is my favorite at the end of it games made it look like a sequel do you know when there coming out? anyway I’m 15 female favorite color is blue oh and tom girly meaning I enjoy boy and girls things.


Umm, you know ADHD is a disorder that can be treated… I’ll stop talking…


it can???


Uhh what’s ADHD? In all seriousness… no disrespect… and Sam if there’s a treatment for what it, then share the info…:wink:


Guys, seriously? ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Someone who has adhd has a short attention span. An example is when a person who has adhd is told to study for 3 hours, their mind will keep on going off track and… you know what http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attention_deficit_hyperactivity_disorder THERE!
As for treatments, theres medical treatments(and medicine) that will help a person with adhd stay more focused.
Lastly i just want to say, ADHD is a real disorder(which is supposedly really hard to live with), so please dont make fun of people with it.


There are different… let’s call them ‘levels’ of ADHD, for some people they have it so low that it doesn’t have to be treated, while others need medicine/treatment.


Hahaha ooohhh now it make sense… yeah one of my friend Johnny has that… he’s a kewl guy… ADHD is good for him since me and him plays football alot…


Is ADHD similar to ADD, and if it is, then why isn’t it counted as a variation of ADD?


It is actually the only deference between ADHD and ADD is the word hyper. Their are designated symptoms for both but basically if you are hyper and not just forgetful and off task you have ADHD. There is more technical information I will not go into unless requested.


ADHD = annoying and detrimental when bored
ADD = cannot concentrate.

Technical information posted!


the previous post could be a bit offensive to some people,could you try rephrasing please?


ADD= Not being able to concentrate, forgetful, off task easily
ADHD= ADD, just Hyper


That is what I said.


red bull, best medicine for ADHD I know of


wouldn’t that just make it worse?


Cool, my bad, it’s that Sam found Devex3’s comment offensive to some, so I decided to re-word it.



Nope. You’d think so, but I have several friends with ADHD and they all say that caffeine calms them down.

Of course, this means they don’t like to drink it, because it makes them less energetic.


I’ve heard that coffe is used as a substitute when people don’t want to hype their kids on medicine.