Who Wants to Be An Author!


Hey guys. I came up with something that I thought would be a bit of fun, and I wanted to know if anyone was interested. :grin:

I am currently working on my own story, and I am currently working on building the demo to gauge the interest of people to see if they like it. As part of my story, there will be a great deal of in-game content, entries explaining and covering various different subjects of the game-world for those that would like to know more. I decided to organise these content entries as in-game books that you can find and add to your own collections, held in your own personal library that you can visit whenever you wish.

There will be plenty of these books to find, and, as I was working on some of those entries, I thought of something that’s rather fun. Instead of me coming up with pecular names to add as the authors to these in-game books, I thought to ask people here if they would like to offer pen names for them, effectively making you the authors.

I had also thought to ask real Choice of Games authors if they would be interested to write a few paragraphs for in-game story books as well, added to a ‘fiction’ library collection. I will have to see if any would be interested in that as well.

So, that was my little fun idea. Anyone interested in becoming an author? :smile:

Do let me know


I’d be happy to offer my name up!


interesting, i would like my name to be on said books


Oh that sounds like fun!


Great! Feel free to write down whichever name you wish to offer. And it can be whatever you want it to be. :smile:


I’d like for “Connie Lingus” to author any of the Erotica books in the collection.


People may not always be able to decide which pen names go to which book, but the idea of an Erotica book being found by the protagonist would have a few laughs in it. :grin:


In-game books authored by real life CoG usernames? Interesting, I’d like to submit my username just to see what kind of in-game book it’ll be assigned to.


Okay I’ll bite, wanna see what sort of in-game/universe works you put my username to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Plenty of free time. The only thing keeping me from making my own game is I don’t have a computer I only have a phone.


I would like to be a part of your universe too.

If possible I would like to go with dungeon master if it’s not possible then Krieg Da Vinci.


This sounds cool, feel free to use my username! nauhziy, if not then use Foong


Very nice idea. I’d like to offer up my pen name for the idea.

C. L. Lyons.


That’s a fun idea. :blush:

I have trouble settling on a pen name, but here’s an old one, and one of my goto names for characters :

Alice A. Vecordia
Gabriel Summerfield


Would love to be in on this :grin:


…there’s always one. :laughing:

I can use Harian, of course, but I will need a last name for yourself. I can always create one, of course, but it would be better if it came from you. :slight_smile:

Feel free to post one when you are ready. :slight_smile:


Oooh, lovely!

You are welcome to Angel Sitara.
Or A.S. Quaintrelle which sounds like a fancy little yacht…


seems interesting, sign me up!


Thanks but I’d rather see what your thinking would complement to my username with a surname and the subject affiliated to them, otherwise I might come up with a surname of my own but it would diminish your own interpretation of what should go with it.


If there’s historical fiction in any shape or form, Vindicare Kyros is at your service