Who wants to be a God?!


After reading the thread that got bumped up from 2013 (Birth of a God), I’ve finally figured out what was missing from my life; a text based God game! If somebody could make my life complete, I’d love you forever.

Surely someone feels the same way as I do about this?!


Death’s tale is doing that.


Oh cool, I hadn’t realised! Thanks for letting me know. Now I can’t wait!


I have plans for Life of a God. :slight_smile: But, first I must complete Lost Heir 2 and 3. The first part will be releasing very soon. :smile:


I’m begining to wonder if you mean soon™? You’ve been saying “very soon” since the start of January :smiley:


Would I want to be a God? HELL NO! Do you know the sort of things the competition could do to me?!


A god… I demand sacrifice! Every sixth baby shall be made a slave. Anyone who cannot work has their blood drained, their skin turned into hides and meat used as bait. We use everything, nothing is wasted. I will name my civilization Averia, we shall conquer all surrounding territories and make a Pax Averia!


And this is why dark…even assassins fear you. Good hunting mate, though disturbed I am =p


Kill them all until there’s no more competition!!


Fear is a powerful tool…


I can’t deny that ^~^


Infinite destruction and conquer! World after world! Hahahahaha!


If i could i whoyld be the god of Brownies… Behold my awesome Brownie based powers MUAHAHAHHAHA


Well well look who’s returned to the arms of all things brownies :smiley:


So get a bucket if water and drown the brownies is what I heard…


I want to be the supreme ruler!!! All worlds in the universe will be conquered or destroyed! Muahahahahahahaha!!!