Who is the most powerful woman in the history?


I don’t know if it is complex to discuss about the powerful women, but I just wonder. Who is the most powerful woman, you think? Why?

I think that Ching Shih is the most powerful and fearless pirate because nobody stopped her.

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The only historical woman of great renown that I can remember from my history classes is Catherine the Great. I’m not sure where she stands among all the others but from what I remember she was a pretty big deal during her time.


Wu Zetian springs to mind :thinking:
She was the Emperor of China at a time when there were no other states in the world of comparable power, so you could say that, during her reign, she was the most powerful person in the world.

I suppose there’s also Queen Victoria, but she wasn’t an absolute monarch, so although she was queen of a vast and powerful empire, she wasn’t as much in charge.


Since the obvious one hasn’t been mentioned, I’ll throw out Boudica, simply because she was a pretty successful military leader at a time when women weren’t usually leaders of any kind…though I recently watched a video by top 10’s net, and there videos seem to be accurate, that suggested the celtic culture was more favourable to women than people think(though still very patriarchal.

Tempted to ssay mary Magdalene and Mary mother of Jesus too. Same sorts of reasons, most religions are very male dominated, the only other really prominent females I can think of in religion are the fact some old testament Bible books are named after women, can only remember the book of Ester though. And from studying sociology, apparently before the abrahamic religions, religions were more female centred…oh and think occult/pagan religions can often be more female orientated too, pretty sure Wicaa and loveyan Satanism are, but not too many examples :stuck_out_tongue: …oh and I could also probably include joan of arc on this list for those reasons too.


Chyna; 2 times WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWF Woman Champion, first woman in the Royal Rumble, member of D-Generation X, the only woman to defeat Triple H, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle kappa


Cleopatra springs to mind. Yes I know she has her things with Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony but she still seems to have ruled an empire with the authority of something like a goddess at a time women had it tough to be recognized.

And Elizabeth the First. She might have the body of a feeble woman but inside she has the heart and stomach of a king. Don’t piss Lizzie off, basically.


There are quite a few major female figures in history who had some level of influence, but I’ll have to agree with @TSSL on Queen Victoria in terms of influence, but Wu Zetian in terms of usable power.

Queen Victoria had the power and influence necessary to guide Britain wherever she wanted, and oversaw some extraordinary advancements in her time as Queen of the Empire Where the Sun Never Sets. Wu Zetian, on the other hand, was able to make far more use of her power to expand the Chinese state and sphere of influence.

In total I’d name them about equal.

((Note that this is all based off of my memory on personal studies, and may not entirely be accurate))


You might also like to check out the website Rejected Princesses. It’s not just princesses… it’s illustrations of a whole bunch of interesting women throughout history, and also some from myths/legends/folklore… some more powerful than others, but they’re all active and self-motivated people. :grin:


Oh wow…thank you for the link. The author’s FAQ includes:

Don’t you know women aren’t fit to be in combat?

First off, die in a fire. Second off: if anyone ever starts spouting off this line of ignorant bullshit, direct them to this massive list of women in combat roles from 1500 BCE to World War II.

And now I am so happy.


Another one is Hatshepsut, the first (and one of the few) female pharaohs in a time when Egypt was a major power in the region. Even if she did have to wear a fake beard, there are texts and carvings do acknowledge her as being female. Her successor tried to wipe her memory off the face of the planet once she died. (Probably in part because she was only meant to his regent and kind of took over and partially to make himself look better by claiming things she did as his own.). Anyway, maybe not the most powerful ever, but arguably one of. Certainly in that time period.

Edit: oh look here she is on the rejected princesses site :grin:


Just read the entry on Mary Anning and am now totally blaming you on wanting to do a Doctor Who fanfic where the Doctor meets her and takes her back to see Dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles and Silurians and the like.


Oh yeah… the Mary Anning entry made me cry :sob: still, such a great historical figure.

Now I really want to see a time travel story about her too :smile:

And yeah, Wu Zetian is in there too :grin: Though, one of the things I like about the site is that, in addition to some more famous women, it includes many who are rather more obscure, but whose stories deserve to be better known…


I’d like to second Wu Zetian and Queen Victoria.

Addition remarkabe women include:

Empress Cathrine the Great of Russia. A Protestant German Princess, she managed to overthrow her husband to become Empress of the Orthodox Russian Empire. During her rein she passed many reforms that lead Russia into a golden age of culture.

Empress Theodora of the (Eastern) Roman Empire. From commoner to co-ruler of the Roman Empire she was perhaps the most important woman in the history of the Roman Empire. She stood in on many of her husbands councils, when she spoke all listened. Theodora also singlehandedly saved her husbands rein during the Nika Riots, when she stood on the docks and refused to flee with the rest of the court. “Purple is the noblest shroud” indeed.

Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady of the United States of America. Perhaps no woman had done more to shape the role of the modern First Lady. After her husband contracted polio she became very active in her husband’s political career, making appearances and speechs on Franklin’s behalf. She also was an ardent defender of the poor and minorities often advocating on their behalf to the President. After her husband’s death she went on to become one of the US’s delegates to the United Nations.

Edith Wilson, First Lady of the United States of America and arguably the country’s first female President. In 1919 sitting President, Woodrow Wilson, suffered a stroke leaving him completely bedridden. From that point on Edith Wilson screened all matters of state, deciding what was important enough to bring to the President, becoming de facto President herself.

This only a small sampling of some of the truly fascinating leading of women of history.


I would say Chi-Chi from DBZ for being able to put up with Goku for all those years.


I feel like Catherine the Great gets a bit of bad press because of her apparent… fondness… for horses.


The only real way to find out who is the most powerful woman in history is obviously… To have a rap battle between them.


@Carlos.R I don’t write about the fictional women.


Stories about the fictional women make lots of money!
You should consider it. :slight_smile:


I kindly direct their attention towards Queen Nzinga who personally led her people’s army against the Portuguese. She used guerilla warfare and successfully kept the Portuguese army at bay. She was in her 60s.


Seems legit… Are we placing bets? We should place bets. I’m so here for that idea!