Who here has played the game SOS or wants to play?


Has anyone heard of or played it? Tell me about your experience from the first open alpha or if you haven’t played you can sign up here: sosgame.com/#beta.
Also as a disclaimer signing up does not guarantee you get to play it only gets you a spot on the wait list as the game has massive popularity and there are thousands of people waiting to play before you. That being said the game is quite exciting as you get to play in front of a live audience all from the comfort of your home!

Questions? Comments? Post them here!


Is there an age restriction?


no, not that i know of


First time I’ve heard of it. Looks cool, very ambitious. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Unfortunately I don’t have a computer or anything to play! Plus guys online aren’t very kind so I dont use voice chat. I wouldn’t be surprised if some issues stem from stuff like that


I’ve watched many youtube play throughs and in all of them I haven’t seen anyone be mean in them. I mean everyone who gets in is vetted before they get to play so it’s really not a problem.