Who else thinks Halo 5's campaign was stupid?


So remember how the Chief would not help Cortana because the peace that would be found would be a forced peace? Well…isn’t the Western World the same thing? Peace is forced on us because violating the peace will have you violating one or another law, and you get punished. In essence, a forced peace…but I find this perfectly acceptable. After all, if you’re not going to do anything bad, then you have nothing to fear, and it protects us. So Bungie really fucked this one up, and need to re-think their angle going forward.


Oh no actually they’re doing completely right by their standards. Milk this franchise for each dollar they can get while expending as little resources as possible. I wouldn’t be expecting anything great from that franchise for awhile.Three was where it should’ve been put to pasture in my opinion.


At least the gameplay was solid and the multiplayer fun. Most gamers are willing to overlook a terrible story if the gameplay is good, and, in that regard, I do feel the Halo series is going strong.


cough it was 343 industries that made the game uncough

PS: Bungie works on destiny now