Who do you write like?


Just found a website that compares your writing with famous authors. I have seen people talking about this on other writing websites, so why not here?

This is how it works, you paste a few paragraphs, click “analyze”, and then it will identify a famous author that you write like.

Who do you write like?

Looks like I write like J. K. Rowling and Stephen King.

What about you?


I don’t feel like that thing works very well. I wrote some random tripe void of all grammar and full of typos and repetition just to test it, yet I still got Stephen King. Maybe that’s like the default.

Edit: I just put in: haghahagsgh ygeyehhjagahha haghagdhdghdahgsghag fgfsga fsgfs
And got, I write like Dan Brown. XD


From what I know about this, it works by analyzing such things as similar words, among other things like number of words in sentences, the number of commas, semicolons, and whether the sentence is a direct speech or a quotation.

I don’t think this website is accurate, but it is fun to try :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: the reason why sometimes random stuff will result in someone is because there is no “your writing doesn’t match any famous authors”.


not accurate, but fun! apparently i write like mark twain.


I also got Mark Twain, then tried it with a few different blocks of text to see if it was different, and Stephanie Meyer came up as well. xP


Congratulations, you write like the person who created twilight, lol


H. P. Lovecraft. Yay…?


Yeah, that kinda scared me. xP


I write like Chuck Palahniuk, whoever that is.

Edit. Took a second try with a page from old novel I wrote years ago, got Anne Rice. Since I have no idea who that is either, I’ve decided to start reading more modern literature.


Got Chuck Palahniuk for my most recent original work and David Forster Wallace for my most recent fanfic.
Which doesn’t tell me anything because I never heard of either of them. Oh well.


@blackrising and @AStraali
Chuck Palahniuk is the guy who wrote fight club. I am surprised that people don’t know him O.o


Honestly, I’m just no good at remembering who wrote what. I’ll remember the book and the plot and the characters, but the author just goes right past me.


I didn’t even know it was a book.
But it figures though, since I prefer reading books like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Brothers Karamazov


I put in an excerpt from a story I’m working on and got David Foster Wallace. I haven’t read any of his work. But if he’s as good as me I should probably check him out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I write like
Ernest Hemingway

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

Heard of his works so I guess I’ll have to have a read sometime :smile:


I write like H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Clarke, huh. I know who both of them are (Arthur Clarke = Arthur C Clarke who wrote 2001, yes?), but haven’t read anything by either one.


I got William Shakespeare even though all the words I used are not archaic.


Stephen King.

Well, I love the movies and books so it’s kinda accurate.


Apparently I write like Raymond Chandler. Who’s Raymond Chandler? >_>


He is this guy