Who all procrastinates?


I’m doing a science project and need to know if you procrastinate or not, age, and gender. If you guys can help that will be great.


Yup, all the time. Female lol. 20.


At first I thought you were simply procrastinating, but if you need data then I’m always glad to provide.

Yes, chronically. 22. Male.


@Goshman I was procrastinating before I posted this, but now the deadline is getting too close and I need data. So thank you for helping.


Yes, when I have the writer’s block, if that detail helps improve your data in any way. 24. Male.


For a science project, doesn’t the fact that you’re asking on an internet forum slightly prejudice your data? :slight_smile:


What does procrastinating mean? It’s a long word so it should mean something easy, like fish right?


Kinda, but the teacher will allow me to use the data.
@PORT3R It means to put things off.
@poison_mara the word in spanish is this posterga.


What mean has something to go bathroom to make …? Is similar to the Spanish word to have prostate and urinary problems


Aaah, isn’t that what life is all about :wink:
lol, now it looks like I commented on Mara’s post


yes a lot im male 18


It means to stop working on something that is important for your work and work on something unrelated instead. And return to your important work later. As later as possible.


AHH sorry it was a false friend word, for instance constipated in Spanish means have a cold or sympathy means friendship or my favorite the literal translation of I’m hot means be sexual aroused. Languages :-)) I’m a stubborn person if I really want to do something i do it no matter cost, but if not yeah i usually change projects a lot
Edit Ask age a woman lol? I got 26 next month 27 and im a poisoner girl


Since I am a void assassin I am not going to give you my real "age"and “gender”
Yes, 14, male


@PORT3R so wait if thats not your real gender, does that mean you are a girl and is your age range around 14?


Yes male 15 (my friends hate hate me bc I always procrastinate and still mange to be near the top of my class)


I’ve perfected the art of procrastination over the years and made it an art form. Female 18.


Yes, but I always try my best to make deadlines and probably will get around to it sometime.
Male, 21.


Male 22.

I’m procrastinating right now!


I planned to answer this question earlier tonight, but you know…

Male / old enough to be the father of everyone else who has posted in this thread (except for Mara).