Whiskey-Four [WIP] [Submitted to Hosted Games]

Well I like this story . But ITFO was really great. And I can’t wait for the sequel . And congrats on finishing this story . Hope to see the sequel of ITFO soon :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::smile:.


If you’re still in need for beta testers for the next rounds:


ITFO is one of my faves, so if you need another beta tester, I would love to join! :blush:

Cant wait to play this one.


Things are looking good!

Beta testing has largely concluded. I’m going over some high-level feedback points, and I will probably have one last round to review the basically finished product before I submit it to Hosted Games. Thanks for reading so far, and I’m sorry that my efficiency took a nose-dive these last few months lol.


Ummmm? So author last I check there is’nt any stats� like combat, strength, agility etc…etc… so have you implemented the stats� or no and if no then how will mc gonna be able to succeed in during combat scenario, since I’ve played much older version of your game Imma kind of forgotten about the story and such hence I want to know will you gonna implement or perhaps have already implemented stats� like combat, strength, agility etc…etc…??? And about your question regarding personality implementation I don’t have particular answer and Imma okay with however you go with it.


there are no stats, the combat scenarios and the like use the character customization instead


Yep. There is a sense of style instead of stats.


There aren’t any traditional stats; combat is decided by your characters traits, your inventory, and proper decision-making in the moment


Is fanart allowed here? Because I drew Ulysses


what a creepy fucker (who I somehow don’t wanna run away from)


Ah yes, that’s the face that haunts me in my dreams (said in a dreamy voice)


in the event :

“Course not,” Driver says. “And I wouldn’t dare withhold anything from such a famous celebrity.”


“Check the news recently, Whiskey?”

“I’ve been a bit busy running for my life,” you reply dryly.

“You still haven’t clarified who you’re running from,” Castle interjects.

“Well, you can add Uvarov to that list,” Driver remarks."

That the moment the reader learn the bad guy is after him. In the previous page they are confuse writing after select the second choice.


Ouch do not DARE point THAT WEAPON at me like that, lovely, gorgeous, damned human being


Damn I. The Forgotten One isn’t even 2 years old and you already completed another game, i’d say you’re beyond efficient my guy. Late but congratulations, hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on Bacon


Yep, after this it will be an ITFO 2.

I’m trying to wait patiently for this one. Very excited about it.


Finish the alpha. And oh boy ! Bacon u know your stuff (sign to explain everything about the work and the reader fustration that well done). Hope this won’t end like most of other story on choice of games. Yeah i really hope this story has a clean end, not an another “to be continue in the next book style”.

Didn’t see much to report in the domain of errors or mistakes good job.

I know the story is done, maybe next time an inventory should be nice. The hero in this story have everything easy. Money and gifts, can sprint with a lot of stuff on him. Doreamon pocket style. Maybe next time make the reader choice an items that will take the story into mini branch. That should be nice if a story does that. Thanks for the lenghty Apha test. For me that a no brainer buy after reading that munch of a story. That risk need to be rewarded.

Till next time.


It’s a standalone, yeah


Hello everybody!

At this point, beta testing is effectively finished. I will be submitting the files to Hosted Games during the weekend!!!

Thank you all for supporting Whiskey-Four so far, and I hope you all will enjoy its ending when it releases!

At this point, I have cut the public alpha demo down to the polished, beta-tested versions of parts 1-4. I will still accept feedback on these parts, even if the the demo is much shorter than it was before.

Once again, thank you to everyone!


Can’t wait for my mc to have cat and mouse game again with Uly haha. You have done some amazing work, will defo be first in line to buy when it comes out! :grinning: :heart: