Whiskey-Four [WIP] [Submitted to Hosted Games]

Hey, I’m some idiot who’s started work on another WIP because I clearly haven’t learned my lesson from the first.

While writing I, The Forgotten One (my other submitted WIP), I was captured by an idea for a sci-fi conspiracy thriller. The urge has gotten the better of me, and after spending so long in a medieval setting, I thought it was time for a change of pace.

It is done. The work has been officially submitted to Hosted Games. The demo will remain at 4 parts, probably until publication. I’ll keep everyone updated with the process as it occurs. Thank you for your support so far!

Plot Summary

You are a fifteen year veteran member of the Anomalous Interference Unit, an organization dedicated to the elimination of cultists, summoners, and anybody mad or desperate enough to contact the entities that lie beyond the void of normal space. Officially, you are dead, and your employer does not exist. Unofficially, you kill and suffer in the dark to keep the peace.

Three years ago, you suffered a catastrophic injury that forced you into an early retirement. A retirement that is cut short as a mysterious message drags you back into your old occupation, willing or not.

A conspiracy is brewing in the far reaches of the Galactic Union. One that threatens not just the stability of the confederation, but the fate of mankind itself.

Rival intelligence agencies compete for glory and funding. Local governments are puppeteered by influential megacorpations. Beings from beyond the veil are pulled into the lives of man, their whims fickle and power unimaginable. And, most personal of all, a lover from a past life has returned from the dead to hunt you down.

Features at a glance:

You play as “Whiskey-Four”, a veteran cultist hunter with a checkered past.

  • Play as either a man or woman where gender affects the narrative
  • Deal with the fickle cybernetics keeping your body running
  • Fight against shadowy megacorporations and the local police
  • Persuade, intimidate, or seduce your way through various interactions
  • Choose a personal handgun from a modern machine pistol to an ancient Colt M1911
  • Play in a world that reacts to your character’s appearance and physicality
  • “Low sci-fi” world, focusing on realistic applications of futuristic technology

Choose from three separate face types and body types, each determining your own physical advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the youthful face will assist in seduction and persuasion, but will not do you any favors in intimidation. Having the figure of a body-builder will assist in feats of brute strength, but I would not recommend attempting to duck anything.

Additionally, hair and beard style are deliberately restrictive early on in the story. As the narrative continues and the plot and the MC develop, more styles will become available.

Stats / Dossier

I deliberately wish for this book to be almost entirely unreliant on stats. There are no personality checks, no ability checks, no roll of the dice. The success of certain interactions will depend on the customization of your character, rather than any arbitrary number.

Additionally, the stats page itself is unique. Instead of a list of attributes, it’s framed to resemble an intelligence dossier. As such, it is not unlocked until Chapter 2. Until then, the stats page is unavailable.


There are two primary romance interests, Castle and Driver, the two agents introduced early on. The relationship will likely lead with intimacy and develop into a more serious commitment. The nature of the AIU means true romantic (or even platonic) bonds are highly discouraged.

Additionally, I have plans to implement a handful of flings that can be encountered throughout the book, with varying levels of importance.

There is also the factor of a certain… somebody with an agenda to fulfill.


September 21st, 2022. 1 part, 27,776 words. Initial upload.
October 10th, 2022. 2 parts, 56,607 words. Part 2 released.
October 30th, 2022. 3 parts, 72,124 words. Part 3 released.
November 22nd, 2022. 4 parts. 92,431 words. Part 4 released.
December 7th, 2022. 5 parts. 109,799 words. Part 5 released.
December 22nd, 2022. 6 parts. 126,990 words. Part 6 released.
January 3rd, 2023. 7 parts. 145,021 words. Part 7 released.
February 4th, 2023. 8 parts. 175,709 words. Part 8 released.
June 20th, 2024. Beta testing concluded. Demo trimmed down.

  • Part 1 (Available). Contains Chapters 1-5. 29,385 words.
  • Part 2 (Available). Contains Chapters 6-10. 30,534 words.
  • Part 3 (Available). Contains Chapters 11-15. 15,517 words.
  • Part 4 (Available). Contains Chapters 16-18. 20,431 words.
  • Part 5 (Full game only). Contains Chapters 19-22. 18,256 words.
  • Part 6 (Full game only). Contains Chapters 23-26. 17,858 words.
  • Part 7 (Full game only). Contains Chapters 27-31. 16,939 words.
  • Part 8 (Full game only). Contains Chapters 32-36. 31,895 words.
  • Part 9 (Full game only). Contains Chapters 37-41. 35,937 words.
  • Part 10 (Full game only). Contains Chapters 42-46. 120,409 words.
  • Epilogue (Full game only). 58,961 words.

Demo link: https://dashingdon.com/go/12112

Public Alpha Wordcount: 95,867 words. 4 Parts. 18 chapters.
Full Game Wordcount: 396,122 words. 10 Parts. 46 chapters.

"What about ITFO book two?"

It’s on its way. But it may still be several months until publication, and I cannot release a demo for book two until the first one is published for spoilers sake. It will be complete, don’t worry. If necessary, I’ll run both WIPs at the same time.

All feedback is welcome! Pacing, descriptions, typos, anything.


This looks to be another amazing ride in the worlds you weave. Can’t wait to hop on another fulfilling journey.


You bastard, this is great.

It certainly has some Tarantino qualities to it mixed with Blade Runner, Deus Ex and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher – the book version with its rather dry and analytical tone.

The opening line would be right at home next to The Day of The Jackal and the characters are engaging so far. I personally love Castle. Can’t wait for this story to turn into a massive LA Confidential full of twists.



It has begun.


NOT supposed to let anyone cross.

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Ohhhhhhhh yeah LFG my guy

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(excuse the mildly hidden bitterness that may come through) Is there gonna be any restrictions based on gender with the ROs? Also, stupid question, is height completely locked to body type?


@Bacondoneright I thank you for giving importance to gender and looks. Its rare but so cool if authors put that in. I love Forgotten and I think Im gonna enjoy this too. Keep doing what you love!


I’m ready👍🏾 no fr lets go✨

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I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.


Dammit, I was getting really invested in this and then it ended. I can’t wait for more and congratulations on I, The Forgotten One.

Keep up the hard work, you are doing great!


I sense a trend of “no doubt” in your writing


This seems very very interesting, and I say this as someone who doesn’t usually go for sci-fi stories (Space Force Captain is the only one in my library). I will watch it with interest.


Love ITFO, love this one so far too! Excited to read more in the future!!
I’m glad that you’re having gender affect the narrative again, it’s something I wasn’t expecting and was initially unsure about in ITFO but wound up really appreciating.


The madlad already working on another banger


I’ve liked this story so much. Even if we have diferent choices in how we deal with the things, MC is very badass in all of them. Not gonna kill? No problem, you still will be cool as hell.

All the sarcastic interactions and jokes with Driver are very funny, I already like him. I even liked Castle, she’s annoying but you let MC retort to her, so it’s alright. Now let’s defile another crime scene :rofl:

The action scenes are very much well written too.
And… I got a bad bad feeling about the person from our past :smiling_face_with_tear:


Looking forward to this new WIP. I think the concept has a lot of promise as it is fairly unique, and the demo, although short, caught my interest.

I love ITFO and had a blast during the beta test, and cannot wait for it to publish so I can play it again!


Thanks for all the support so far!

Indeed it has.


The main romance interests are all romancable regardless of gender.

It is.

Could you elaborate? I’m not exactly sure what that means lol

Glad to hear it!

Only time will tell if such feelings are warranted…


I can just hear the sound of pitchforks being dropped…


That sounds only slightly ominous