Whiskey-Four [WIP] [Part Seven Released] [January 3rd, 2023]

You’d have to go to a save (or restart) that’s before the raid at the Epitome and just don’t choose any of the options relating to it in order to keep it open as an option. You can use it to bluff at the restaurant before meeting Shōnin however (as iirc it doesn’t use it up).


If you have the rifle you can use that as well! Shoot to kill


I didn’t have the grenade, as someone already mentioned, you can use a rifle to shoot down the gunner n the chopper.


Also can I say again, I freaking love our MC. And also Ulysses, and the shit-show that is their dysfunctional (and sexy) ‘romance’. I can never get enough of MC being a badass and Ulysses being an obsessive deranged a-hole. Gotta have more! :smiley:
EDIT: And if we’re ever blessed with the two of them teaming up to go blow shit up while making out (lol), I’m going to be so damn happy. :smile:


I think some people might apply that to my version of Whiskey too…he isn’t exactly the most social of guys and the less than perfect or even “normal” state of mental health should be obvious now that Whiskey is off their meds. Still not as bad as the Marshall…mainly due to the medication, I assume, but that is another story.
In the past I actually headcanon U. as the more psychologically healthy of them before he went rogue and started his impossible quest anyway.


To be honest, Uly doesn’t seem to be deranged at this point anymore. They are trying to stop that and they are desperate, that’s different.


Honestly, considering what our MC and Ulysses went through so far, it would be far more surprising if they were of a completely sound mind, and not more than a little f’ed up from the traumas. I actually really like how flawed they both are, because that’s what makes them so real, interesting and memorable as characters.

Shit characters are plentiful, good characters are still common enough, but exceptional characters that you remember long after you’ve moved on to other things? Rare; and I feel like both Ulysses and Whiskey fit that bill, if not already, definitely by the end of the story.

Regardless of how you might want to look at it - deranged, desperate, or both - I meant it in the most loving sense anyway - ‘our dear deranged a-hole Ulysses’. :smile:

Also, on another (unrelated) note, and this to Bacon:

In the next part of the sentence there’s also a typo - it’s pretty weird how I noticed ‘hurdles’ but not ‘briefing’, even though it’s right there. :sweat_smile: I think ‘briefing’ is meant to be ‘briefly’?


Nah, I get it. But, you know, it’s also very sensible (and sexy) of them to be trying to prevent an end of the world.


Hey, WiP has potential and is well-written, but there are things that left me a bit confused.

  1. Why is MC this keen on saying the organisation he worked for threw him away? He has pension from it, it sponsored his prosthetics, it gives him pills each month so he would not go into excessive debts. As far as the lives of former veterans and special forces units go, this is very good life, much better than most lives such people end up living. Especially pills and prosthetics - doesn’t the fact company gives them to MC show they haven’t abandoned him?

  2. Why are MC’s prosthetics designed to work for only 16 hours? It isn’t even a full day, most IRL ones are designed to work for at least several days before requiring a charge. He can’t move without them, why would they work like that and why do they require such an elaborate and taxing charge sequence with weighty disks?


I agree that for a shady black site type organization they have been surprisingly generous. Whiskey must have been pretty competent to warrant not being left for dead or cleaned up like a loose thread.

As for the prosthetic I was picturing something closer to a micro disk, a bit bigger than a quarter. The charger is described as bulky but Whiskey has no issues putting a couple disks in their pocket. The short up time is definitely poor for top of the line equipment, but if this is closer to prototype territory, power supply and user friendly design are often the last steps. Could just be the downside of using bleeding edge tech.


Love. Absolutelly love.

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I’m pretty sure it’s just pettiness about being forced to retire.

I think the MC planned on dying while massacring a bunch of lovecraftian cultists and doesn’t know what to do with themselves as a retired civilian.


Will be fixed in the upcoming update.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing the banter throughout this book.

Yes, good catch!

The road to hell, and all that.

Either grenade or rifle work.

It is certainly a sight to behold.

That’s great to hear!

I’ve always tried to strike a balance with Uly, so that they’re just unhinged enough to be interesting, without being crazy.

Another good catch!

Emphasis on sensible.

The narrative is flavored from Whiskey’s POV. Not everything they say is actually true lol, both because of a lack of information and also their own biases.

It’s a spinal replacement, and I’ve tried to imply through the conversation with Shonin that all of your tech is cutting-edge to the point where 16 hours is the best available.

I really wanted the “good guys” to be gray and complicated. The GU is a force for good in many occasions, and its the local Polyphemus government that’s explicitly corrupt. The AIU, despite being shady, are still performing an essential service, and they also took decent care of Whiskey.

This is what I had in mind.

@Lonily Good to hear!

The intro sequence is flavored by Whiskey feeling purposeless. One of their constant traits is a general love of the fight and the adrenaline, and being denied it after so many years of service feels like a slap in the face (even if logically, being retired for injuries makes perfect sense).


Wow! Just finished binging this WIP after recently discovering it. As someone whose favorite movies are Blade Runner 2049 and Alien(s) I loved it. The mix of cyberpunk and cosmic horror with a generous helping of John Wick style action works really well, and I enjoyed the characterization of the main character a lot too.

Highlights so far would have to be the introduction of the Anomaly (and the terror and paranoia that followed) as well as the intense firefight at the Epitome (and the extended, relentlessly exhausting escape that followed).

I’ll join the chorus of people that can’t get enough of Ulyssa as well. Of course we kiss the slightly unhinged ex-lover, nevermind the railgun, the threats or the gory remnants of the SWAT team littering the floor. Minor details.

By all indications so far she appears to be in the right anyhow, just ahead of the curve. And pissed about getting shot & betrayed, which seems… fair?

Guessing poor Cole probably joined Loren and Callan among those killed by Uvarov in Whiskey’s wake. Becoming a bit of a pattern. At least we’ve been able to keep Mendez alive so far. She’s been an unexpectedly enjoyable addition to the team - curious if she might end up being another fling if she’s alive.

A bit of constructive feedback: The part where Shonin remarks on Whiskey’s real name felt odd for female MC - it seemed kind of odd that Shonin would jump straight to the emperors in question rather than their relatives that actually bore the feminine versions of the name in the case of Constantina, Julia and Agrippina (Julia also feels odd on account of just being, well, a very common name. I can’t imagine anyone’s first thought on hearing it is ‘Julius Ceasar’). Augusta - Augustus association also feels tenuous. I would consider making alternate historical references to the women in question for Constantina and Agrippina, and maybe making a reference to the family in general (in the case of Julia) or the title (in the case of Augusta).

Waiting eagerly for future updates! This looks set to end up among my favorite titles.