Whiskey-Four [WIP] [Part Eight Released] [February 4th, 2023] [Final Public Update]

He’s done it again; this is top 3 material and it isn’t even finished yet


I’ve been playing CoG since 2011 (I think, somewhere around that time anyways), this is easily one of the most engaging demos I’ve played since the Infinity series. Awesome immersion, interesting characters, and a thrilling storyline — feels like Cyberpunk, Jason Borne, John Wick, and James Bond had an operator lovechild with the opposite of a drinking problem. I absolutely love it.

The option to run a lever-action shotgun Terminator style would be a pretty cool addition, js :grin:


How about cybernetic upgrades? Like enhancing our eye implant for example


I would love if there were scars and characterz could react to them, or maybe gaining some in the process. Like Uly would comment about new thing or Driver. Thanks in advance, amazing book and your writing skill are top!!

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Playing this made me feel like I was in a Mission Impossible™️ movie, being chased by a Yandere (which is kinda hot) while facing horrors beyond comprehension.


I don’t know, I think that flinging yourself into a one night stand or a new relationship can make sense in that kind of situation. A “forget them, they don’t have any power over me anymore” thing where you’re sort of proving to yourself that you can live the life you want to live, etc etc.

Sure, maybe it’s not the best idea, but it does seem plenty realistic to me.


Hmm, maybe not shooting specifically–there’s only so much flavor you can add when using a rifle–but I like the idea of combat styles. Maybe I can do some digging into real martial arts and let you chose an ornate vs pragmatic vs brutal like I did with ITFO. Mix together some real world styles and fully embrace that John Wick flair.

I like the idea of adding a revolver. I might go back and add some extra flavor depending on pistol to old scenes for the sake of variation. It’s a lot easier to add branches retrospectively.

I think Driver’s rifle stovepipes during the hotel chase actually lol.

Memetics have always freaked me out for some reason that I can’t nail down well.

I was thinking of fully opening up customization. Divide the body types into height vs build, so you could be tall and lithe or built like a Tolkien dwarf. Maybe add options for additional tattoos beside the army one that could influence a “professional vs mercenary” stat that determines how people think you’d act.

Glad to hear it!

Retribution (and specifically Ortega, which is strange because I’m normally not a big romance fan) absolutely broke me. I’ve replayed it at least four times now lol.

Don’t worry, I still have time to absolutely butcher the ending.

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I always like to think of Whiskey-Four as a mix of Die Hard, James Bond, and John Wick in a sci-fi setting. Shooting for that 90’s action movie vibe.

There’s some potential in this, too as it’d open up some new and interesting ways of fighting, but I feel as if giving Whiskey upgrades might take away from the whole “washed-up veteran” vibe.

I definitely think specific scars would be a good way to help build characterization. Opening up physical customization in general is a good path to allow people to personalize Whiskey since their personality is a lot more set in stone than even ITFO.

Definitely the kind of experience I’m shooting for.

Oh, that’s actually a really good idea. It’s definitely not out of either character’s characterization, either.

One of my favorite aspects of writing Whiskey-Four so far has been that all of the characters are… adults? In ITFO, the MC is a deeply troubled individual with no romantic experience, so all intimate scenes must be written from that headspace. I was kind of growing tired of that drawn-out romantic drama, so it was nice being able to just write characters who are adults who treat intimacy very casually.

Of course, you have Uly who is much less casual about it, but that sort of contrast almost makes them hit harder. Both Castle, Driver, and even Shonin don’t have any qualms with a casual relationship, which makes Uly an anomaly (not in the extradimensional horror sense). If every character is Uly, then no character is Uly–if that makes any sense.


This struck me as much funnier than it probably should have.